Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NC Weather

In the state of NC, we rarely get that BIG SNOW. They used to be more common.  We used to get one huge snow a year.  Now, we are lucky if we get one every 2-3 years. 


However, schools are cancelled, delayed, or let out early for weather all the time here.  We haven’t heard anything today about our schools, but we shall see. 


It’s all about waiting to see what happens.  Sometimes, I think that God is sitting up there showing us HIS sense of humor.  He lets the weather people tell us whatever they want to tell us.  Then HE decides to have some fun with the weather.  (That’s just my 2 cents!) Smile


Countdown Updates:
0 days until I pick up cookies!  TODAY is the day! They are still calling for “weather,” but they are pushing back the start time to later today. My scheduled pick up time is 6pm. So, we shall see.  It should be fine. Tony is going to drive me there so I’m not having to do it alone.  Then my assistant leaders are supposed to come and help sort them for out troop delivery later this week.

3 days until cookie booths start (2.14)

4 days until my birthday (2.15)

31 days until the Art Gala and Auction at the Princess’s school

~11 weeks until Spring Break starts (April 18th)

~11 weeks until Easter

~14 weeks until EOGs start for the Princess

~16 weeks until Memorial Day

~17 weeks until school is out!

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