Monday, February 27, 2017

Not What I was Hoping For

Somethings just don't happen the way you hope/wish they would.

For example, last Wednesday, the Princess had her Battle of the Books competition. Out of  schools, they came in 4th. Of course, I was HOPING for 1st..... but.... it doesn't always work out that way! :)

Wednesday evening, I also didn't win the 7th largest PowerBall Jackpot.  (Of course, to be considered, I'd have to buy a ticket, and I didn't do that either!)

Thursday, I went for my follow-up with my neurosurgeon. He re-did my CT scan and determined that my aneurysms have not changed. They haven't grown, but they haven't gotten smaller. In all honesty, I was hoping God would just take them away--since my Doc said that they never go away without surgery. I was hoping God would prove him wrong. The good thing is that I'm healthy and don't have to go back until next February. (I am thinking about changing to a doctor closer to home. I'm not sure I want to drive to Charlotte just to be told "everything is fine".) The best part is that they haven't grown. There is still not much concern over them. :)  God is good! 

Yesterday, we sang some old songs with the Praise & Worship Team!  We sang some new ones too. I loved it!! I always love singing! This is never a let down! 

I'm hoping to have my VBS volunteer meeting next Sunday right after church. (I'm hoping it turns out well and I have LOTS of volunteers!)

Finally.... this morning, at the gym, I was hoping to do a 5K on the treadmill. (I'm allergic to everything that grows so this awesome Spring-like "Winter" weather we're having in NC is killing me!  PLUS.... I'm terrified of dogs! So I don't do outside if I don't have to!) Anyways..... I did 2 miles. I guess I should edge up to the 3.1 miles slowly and not try to do it all at one time.

I've gotten my mile time down to 14:09.  I did two miles today in 30:49. (Yes I slowed down on the 2nd mile!!)

What have you been hoping for in your world?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crazy Things are Happening Here

Last week I got older. I guess that's not really crazy.  We technically get older every day. 

Then this week, in ONE day, I got 430 views on my blog!!  That's NEVER happened before, but I could get used to it!


We are still in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season. If you haven't gotten yours yet, let me know. I can either deliver them (if you are close enough) or give you the website where you can order them.


On Sunday, the stuff for Vacation Bible School came in! I'm so excited!  I'm the director this year, but I am going to need a TEAM of awesome people!  We have a church full of awesome people!  I'm going to get the recruiting video ready so that the pastor can show it before we have the volunteer meeting!!!

On Sunday, the pastor also announced to the church that we are doing toys for 500 kids this Christmas. We are going to be collecting toys and money. If you have new/gently used toys that you'd like to donate, please let me know.  I know I have wonderful friends and readers. 

He also announced about the 500 stockings. The stockings are going to be normal-sized Christmas stockings. They are going to have toiletries and personal items in them for the adults in the families. That way every kid and adult in the family gets something for Christmas. We are going to be doing collections and fundraisers for this.  If you want to donate to this, please let me know.  (My co-teacher for children's church and I are in charge of the stockings!!!)  Please do what you can to help.  I will post more information when we finalize the exact items that are going into the stockings.  (We are meeting next week to work on that and fundraising!)


Over the weekend, the Princess had a visit to the ER. She was having trouble breathing and her face was turning bright red and purple. At the ER, they did an X-ray. Her lungs are clear. And... she didn't have the flu.  (Well.... at least they say she didn't because she didn't have a fever!) They said it was a viral infection and she just needed rest. 

Yesterday morning, her fever was 100.4 so she did something she hasn't done since 6th grade. She MISSED a day of school. Oh well!  No perfect attendance this quarter or for the full year. However, she felt well enough to go today. So she's there. (I keep waiting on the phone to ring and her to tell me to come get her.)


I have been working on getting my mile time down. I want to do a 5K this year. I did one a few years ago, but it took me 45 minutes to complete it. I want to get my mile time down to under 15 minutes consistently so that I can finish a 5K more quickly.  Last week, on my birthday, I got my time down to 14:15.

Today, I got my time down to 14:02. Maybe I should be shooting to get my time down to under 13 minutes since I'm doing so well. 

I think tomorrow, after I finish my first mile on the treadmill, I'm going to try to do a 5K there. I just want to see how long it will take me. Maybe I can get my 5K time down so that I'm ready to do a real one!!


Finally (I think), I got an email this morning from the dietician at my surgeon's office. They want me to come to the March Support Group meeting and speak to the group. My first thought was NO, but then I decided I'd do it. 

I just have to write a 10-15 minute speech about my weight loss journey.  It doesn't seem that hard.  I already started writing things down.  Maybe I'll write out the whole thing here once I finalize it. 


One more thing...... the weather here in NC is nuts!  It's really warm for February.  I'm afraid we may not get any more snow this year if it doesn't cool down soon!!!!  LET IT SNOW!!!!

What crazy things have been going on in your world?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Last Day (of Being 38)

Happy Valentine's Day!  OR as the Princess informed me this morning.... "Happy Singles Awareness Day!!"

Either way, I hope your day is happy!!

Today is my last day to be 38 years old. At 2:45am tomorrow morning, I will be 39! I will be starting my final year of my 30s!  OH MY!  Where did the time go?

This year has been interesting! 

At home, I have been able to do more.
I've cooked more (and everyone survived!)!!
I've gotten outside more--and consequently sneezed more!
I even coached the Princess's rec league softball team last Spring! 
I've been happier, mostly!

At church, I've been more active.
I'm working in Children's church.
I'm singing on the Praise Team (in rotation). :)
I'm heading up VBS this year. (That will technically be when I'm 39,  but I've started plans already.)
I'm helping head up the 500 stockings for families this year. (That will also be when I'm 39.... but still!)

At work, I'm probably doing less.
I am not full time, so I work fewer days than I would with a "real" job. However, I have covered a couple of long term sub things. I'm still hopeful for a full time job.

I'm reading more.

I'm writing more.

I'm planning more.

I'm thinking more.

But, on this final day of being 38, I'm hoping that 39 will be my best year yet. (Of course, I say that EVERY year!  Sometimes, it actually works out that way.)

38 was great in some ways, but in others, like being sick all summer, it was horrible. I'm planning to remember the good..... and I'm not going to focus on the bad.

39 is going to be great! I can just tell!

Here's to today being the best LAST day of being 38!! 

Make today great!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Broke the Garbage Disposal and the Grill Cover is Missing

Let's start with the fact that I have never made homemade mashed potatoes!! 

Tony always does it. The Princess calls them "Daddy's Famous Mashed Potatoes"!! 

Last night, I had a steak in the oven. I had veggies on the stove. I decided to try my hand at homemade mashed potatoes.

No problem....right?

I washed the potatoes. I peeled the potatoes. I boiled the potatoes. I mashed the potatoes with butter and milk. The potatoes were yummy!  They turned out well. (Even Tony said so!)

However, after I peeled the potatoes, I had all the skins in the sink. We have a garbage disposal, so I turned it on. The skins went in fine.... until they didn't. Then I looked under the sink and there is a drippy leak.  There is now a fluffy purple towel under the kitchen sink, but it only leaks when you use the sink on the right side or try to use the garbage disposal.  So..... now we can only use ONE side of the sink. 

It's ok.  That just means the dishes have to be washed more often!

In other news..... it's very WINDY today. I heard something moving around in the wind near our grill by the back door.  Naturally, the grill cover, which was anchored on both sides of the grill is now GONE!  The grill is still I guess we will have to replace the cover. I went out to see if I could find it, but I think it may have flown off like Mary Poppins.

What's going on in your world?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Weekend Thoughts

I had planned to say something about the ban on travel that President Trump put into place over the weekend.

I had planned to say something about the anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death and what his parents are now doing to help us remember him.

I had planned to talk about a lot of things that happened nationally over the weekend. However.... I have decided that it's not time for me to talk about that yet. It's time for me to talk about what happened to my family over the weekend.


On Friday, the Princess had an ear infection. We know this because the stuff was draining from her ear. She has a hole in her right ear drum from when she had tubes from age 2-6. (It wouldn't come out and they had to go back in to get it. It left a hole.)

Anyways, I dropped her off at school and called the doctor. They told me they didn't have anything available for us to come in on Friday. I wasn't very happy (or polite) when I asked them why they even tell people to call for appointments when they are sick. They took my name and number and about 10 minutes later, they called me back with an appointment time.  I had to check the Princess out of school early because they couldn't see her after school.

I took her. We waited. Doc came in. He asked why we were there.  I told him she has an ear infection. He looked at it. Agreed. Then told me that because she gets infections so often, they don't want her to have antibiotics every time. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That was nuts!  How does it go away?  We can just let it work itself out so she doesn't become immune to the antibiotics. (I understand the philosophy here, but still!!!)

Anyways.... she's healing up nicely now.


I sang on the Praise Team at church!!  I haven't done this in 3 years!  I was so excited!  It went pretty well!  I can't wait to do it again!


We watched the WWE Royal Rumble at my dad's house. My brother was there. Only 1 of the matches turned out the way *I* wanted it to!!!  However.... I can't be too upset about the fact that Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble because he's awesome!


When you only have 5 kids in your children's church class, the parents look at you like you are NUTS when you tell them you have BIG plans.  This year, we are filling 500 stockings with toiletries for families. We are going to need help with that, but (like I said before) I'll give more information when I have it.  I'm hoping to be able to share a website with updates for the progress of that project!


We are doing VBS at our church this year! I'm heading that up too! WOW! I have 138 days until that starts! I am so excited!  We have picked the program.  Now... I just have to get all the volunteers and supplies together!  We can do this! God's got this!

I think that is all that happened to me this weekend.....  if not.... well..... I'll tell you about it later.

What did you do this weekend?