Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Back Home from Pigeon Forge

We are home.  We got in yesterday evening, around 6:30, I guess.

First stop?  My parents' house.  Whether they are with us or not, we always stop there FIRST when we get back into town.

I used my Fitbit the entire weekend.  I walked over a mile every day!  LOVE IT!

On the way up, it was uneventful. Not much traffic. Great weather.

We got there.  We definitely sent pics of lots of stuff to my mom and sister during the trip.

Although it's a little blurry, that was the first sighting of the mountains that we had on the way up!

While we were there, we had to go to Krispy Kreme.  We went on 3/17 while they had GREEN doughnuts.  We got to watch them make them.  It was AWESOME!  (I did a live video of some doughnuts coming through.  Go check it out on my Facebook page.)

They look a little weird, but they tasted like HOT, melty Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  (Sorry if you missed them on St. Patrick's Day!)

We ran a Pot of Gold special for our Paparazzi customers. (There are still a couple left, if you'd like one!) Only $5.... plus shipping, if you aren't close enough for delivery!

4,6, 8, and 10 are still available!  Order before 8:30pm and we will open it live on our 9pm show tonight!  (Just send me your email in a private message so I can send a PayPal invoice.) It's on our Jackson's Jamming Jewels VIP Group.

We found a couple of new places that we love.  On Saturday, we met up with the youth group at the NASCAR Speed Park. We had been past it 1000 times, but had never been there. 

We also found out that Timberwood Grill at the Island is AWESOME!

Then on Sunday, we found the Old Mill Restaurant. There's a bunch of little stores around it. It's awesome!  

They give you so much food!  We couldn't eat all of it!

Also.... they have a water wheel and water fall behind it (in front of it--guess it depends which direction you come from!).  So of course I had to get pics of Chasity there.  

On Sunday night, we went to a new mini-golf place called Crave.  Everything is candy and ice cream themed. They have an indoor course and an outdoor course that it played on the roof!!!

They also have mini-BOWLING!!!  Of course we had to play that too!

I WON!!!!  

On Monday when we stopped for the ice for the cooler, we noticed a screw in tire.  We had JUST gotten the tires before we left on the trip.  So we had to get that patched.  That was a 2 hour delay.... but.... it was done and we made it safe.

On the way home, we had a little rain.  Some construction traffic. Then the NC Sign.... the signal that we are heading home, but it won't be long until we go back!  

I love Pigeon Forge. I can't wait to get back there!  

Hopefully I'll see it this summer!  

We are wanting to go again at Christmas too!  

Where's your favorite place on Earth?  (Hint: Pigeon Forge is MINE!)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Today is the Day

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever!


It's also Pancake Day at the Boys' and Girls' Club in Cabarrus County.  MAYBE I'll get to go by there before we leave, but it's always PACKED!

Today checks off one of my 2018 goals!!  I'm so excited!

I will post pics and probably do some live Facebook videos while we are there.  I love Pigeon Forge!  (Have I said that before!?)

The sad part is that I couldn't convince my parents to go.  So.... I'm going to work on making that happen this summer.... or at Christmas.... or both! :)

What amazing things are you doing today???

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Challenge Accepted

Chasity, AKA "The Princess", and I have started a Paparazzi business. She's too young to have it herself, and I am old enough. So, we are partners....until she's old enough to get her own consultant number!

We have done ONE Facebook live show.  We still have a lot to learn. Lighting.  Jewelry placement.  Getting viewers.... etc. (It's a learning process!)

We have one Bling Basket out and about at the moment, and we are getting ready to set up our first Facebook party.

It is actually fun working with her! We are learning about working together and being partners.  She helps in picking out inventory and in planning shows.

We were supposed to go LIVE last night. We didn't get to.... we didn't get home in time.

We were supposed to go LIVE tonight instead.... I just got called into work. I don't get off untl 11pm. That might be a little late for most of my peeps! 

So.... here's the challenge... we have to find time to do one Facebook live show a week. We have to make sure we don't schedule anything on top of it. We have to make sure we actually do it!


We will be able to do this.  We just have to figure it out.

The old saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"  So I plan for us to get stronger in this.

BTW... if you want to check us out we are on Facebook at Jackson's Jamming Jewels  or our Paparazzi site

Check us out! 

Let us know what you think!

Post a pic of your favorite piece on the Facebook page!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

2018 Goals---February Update

I can't believe that it's March 1st already!  I say this all the time, but HOW does time go by so quickly?

Way back in January, I wrote out my goals for the year.  You can read them here.

At the end of January, I wrote how I was progressing on those goals.  You can read that here.

Now that February has ended already, (again, HOW?!), I can update how my goals are going now.

1. Go ice skating
      I am hoping to do this in Ober Gatlinburg in March.  :) If not, I'll have to find somewhere to do it.  There is an open-air one at Concord Mills Mall at Christmas time.

2. Enter a bowling tournament
      The tournament that Tony and I were supposed to enter...well... we didn't get entered.  That's a good thing. We would have been out the money.  I was very sick that weekend and couldn't have bowled anyways.  There WILL be another tournament, and I will find a way to enter.

3. Go Horseback riding
     Again... I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to do this in Pigeon Forge.  I love the mountains. I can only imagine how awesome they would be on a trail riding horseback.

4. Have one affiliate program
      I am still working on this. I did have over 1000 views in January.  Plus, I had over 700 views in February.  If I keep blogging consistently, I will be able to build this.

5. Walk/Run/Bike 2018 miles
     Tony and the Princess got me a new FitBit for my birthday!  It's purple.  I am going to get it set up and start using it at work (and home).  I do walk a lot at my part time job at the bowling alley.

6. Do the Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State Do Something active and charitable.
      Since we didn't do the Krispy Kreme Challenge, we are still working to find something active and charitable to do.

7. Complete a 5K
    Maybe I can combine #6 with this and do the Alzheimer's Walk they have in town every year! 

8. Read 20 books.
      I have now read 3 books. I finished Life of Pi. I also read Booked. I have started Crank and The Westing Game. I will see which one I get finished with first. :)

9. Take a trip to Pigeon Forge
      We are getting ever closer to our trip on March 15th!  I'm so excited! My brother and sis-in-law may be going as well.  Now... I just need to convince my parents to hop in the van with us!

10. Audition for the Salisbury Symphony
     I have contact information.  Now.... I just have to get the guts to contact them.  But.....what's the worst that can happen?  They don't let me play?  (I'm not playing now!)

11. Write EVERY day.
     I write something every day! One day, I hope to be able to say I write blog posts every day!

12. Start my book.
      I have the idea in my head. How exactly do you get it on paper?

13.  Learn a new skill--like guitar
      I'm still putting this off. I have NO idea why..... I just keep saying, "Maybe next week."  Now it's March!  When will next week come?

14. Go roller skating.
      This scares me.  That's probably why I haven't just done it.  Plus.... I can't take the Princess. She likes to fall and try to break her arm every time she goes skating.

15. Try yoga/meditation.
      I think I have decided to try Yin Yoga.  It looks like it will be best to start with.  Now.... I just have to do it!

16. Enter something in the Cabarrus County Fair craft competition.
      I may have decided to enter a couple of things. I have a couple of scrapbook layouts I really love.  But, I may also enter the photography category too. 

17. Audition for The Voice 
       I just need to pick songs and get someone to do my video. I love singing. This one scares me, but not that badly.

18. Build my Travel Agent Business Paparazzi Business
      The Princess and I have become Paparazzi Jewelry consultants. We love the jewelry.  We decided it would be something we could do together. It's in my name, but she helps me with it. We do live videos on Facebook. Check us out at Jackson's Jamming Jewels.
      You can also check out our online shop here.
      I think this will be better to build, and I get to do it with my kiddo!  I love the extra time with her!

So far, I'm still keeping pretty consistent with my goals.

Some of them need more attention than others.

How are your 2018 goals coming? 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Half Way Over Already

Today is February 19th!

How is it possible that we are already over half way through February?  It's absolutely nuts that 2018 just started and we are already over a month and a half through it! 

I'm hoping the rest of 2018 will slow down. I want lots of time to do all the things I want to do this year.

What have you accomplished in the first month and a half of 2018?