Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas--part 1

So I'm sure that in the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about Christmas. I love Christmas! (Oh yeah...covered that already!) So, last night we finally put up the Christmas tree! Well... we didn't actually get the whole thing done. The three is up. The lights are on. There's no garland on it. There are no ornaments on it! So, technically, we don't have the tree "up" yet! My munchkin has dance on Thursday nights. She's taking jazz, tap, and ballet this year, so we don't get out of class until 7:30pm. Last night, they had their class Christmas party, so it was almost 8pm when we got home. Not bad! We started with the tree then. However, when the pizza arrived we had to stop to eat. By then, it was 9pm. Munchkin goes to bed at 9pm so she'll get up at 6:30am! We were going to just leave the ornaments for tonight, but then we decided to leave the garland and ornaments till tonight.

At the moment, the tree looks like this!! Lights and a tree skirt! Want to know the cool thing about that tree skirt? That was a gift to us our first Christmas together. We have been using since our 2nd Christmas! Tony's mom gave us that tree skirt! Actually, it was more of a thing of we were walking through Wal-Mart together and looking at Christmas stuff...she asked if we had one, and we told her that our mini village was around the tree (with the fluffy white stuff to look like snow--you'll see it later as we will probably put it out this year)!! So she said that every tree should have a skirt... and she let us pick it out! So we did!

Last night however when we were attempting to put up the tree and stuff, I decided to put the tree skirt on our daughter! It was so cute that I had to get a picture! Or course, she's a ham in front of a camera so the picture looks as though she is curtsying for royalty! She was too cute in it! I wish I could find skirts like this for her! I love it! (Ok.. I would want them to be completely made and not tie in the back, but still!)

So after dancing in the tree skirt around the room, she decided that she wanted to be the tree. NO! She didn't go stand by the tree and pretend she was a tree. Nope...that would have been too normal! She decided to lay in the tree box (which was way too short) and claim that we needed to stand her up and decorate her! I took a picture and left her in the box!

So ends the first night of decorating in our world! Tonight should prove to be even more interesting! We have ornaments to put on! Then we have to do the other stuff at the house! I'm really glad it's Christmas. The season really brings out the kid in all of us (ok... MOST of us!)
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