Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas--part 4

WOW! So it's Christmas Eve already! Wow! WOW! Ok, so I've said it enough! I wanted to share with you some pictures of what we have been doing this Christmas.

First, my little Princess all dressed up for Sunday School in her new "L'il Dolly" Christmas dress. She looked so cute in that dress! (I wish I would have taken her for pictures in it, but I didn't. I guess I still can...they can just be "Winter" pictures now!) She doesn't look so happy, but she said she loved the dress. It came directly from the "L'il Dolly" showroom in Pigeon Forge, TN. (My mom buys her Christmas dress every year!)

Just to prove that she DOES know how to smile, here is she the last day of school--Friday, Dec. 19th! On Dec. 18th, they had Pajama Day and watched "The Polar Express". They all had bells to wear home. So she has worn hers almost everywhere...except church...since she got it on Thursday! She even wore it back to school on Friday!

We had not been to the mall or Wal-Mart or anywhere to see Santa yet! Fortunately, we have a guy at our church, Bro. Clyde, who looks like Santa. He's kind of round, jolly, nice, and loves kids! So for years now he has been Santa. (He used to do it in the Christmas parades around town and at the malls, but his health won't let him do all that now!)
Anyways, since we know that he's not the REAL Santa--he can't be everywhere all the time to see kids (my 5 year old's explanation)--he is SANTA CLYDE! (Go ahead and laugh!) This year, Chas wasn't afraid of him. She climbed up on his lap and hugged him and talked to him. Of course, two years ago he came to the church day care to see all the kids and Chas had to have my mom (the day care director) to sit on Santa Clyde's lap with her for the picture! (I wish I had that to put on here!)
So the next two pictures are Chas on Santa Clyde's lap!

Of course, since Santa Clyde lives in Kannapolis, he doesn't have snow and elves. (Ok...he has two elves, but they are all grown up and moved out now!) So Mrs. Claus (Momma Claus) decorates the house for everyone to see! So I've included some pictures of their huge Christmas village!

Naturally the inside of the house is not all that is decorated. Outside Santa Clyde has a little help from his grown-up elves to decorate. Many of the pieces are homemade and actually move! There's a Jack-in-the-box that opens and closes. The Nutcracker's mouth opens and closes. There are beautiful lights. There's even a sign telling children when Santa will be there so they can come visit! It's really great! (It seems that I have not included the sign for when the Visit Santa. The sign says "Visit Santa tonight from 6-9pm!)

I think that the last picture on here really says it all! That's the BEST part of Christmas!
There's a song that the Brooklyn Tabernacle Children's Choir does... "Happy Birthday Jesus". It's really simple... and when the kids sing it, you can tell it's from their hearts!
The words are:
"Happy Birthday Jesus.
I'm so glad it's Christmas.
All the tinsel and lights
Make the holiday nice
But the real gift is You.
Happy Birthday Jesus.
I'm so glad it's Christmas.
All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it's all about you!
Happy Birthday Jesus.
Jesus I love you."
I hope that anyone and everyone reading this has a great and wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

Love the pictures of your daughter, she is so cute, lol. She looked more comfortable in her jeans, lol. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas filled with God's love and peace! God Bless!

Diane said...

Chasity is beautiful! Thanks for sending me your link!

All my Love,
Aunt Diane