Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Over...

Wow! That's sounds a little more final than it is I guess. The semester is over! I finished my last paper yesterday at about 8pm. I submitted it. Now I just have to wait for grades. The way I fugure it, and I have been figuring it, I should have all A's this semester. I worked really hard to get A's so that I can have a 4.0 for the semester. I'm hoping to have a 4.0 for all my Graduate School work. That way in the top of my Grad School class! (Yes, I want people to notice me!)

We have sold two things on eBay. First we sold the black pants... Today, someone bought a cute (brand new) purple snowsuit. It's adorable. Chasity has one just like it! Next year, we will probably have to get rid of Chasity's. The one I sold was given to us and it was REALLY small when we got it. However... we already had one in the correct size. I just have to hope it still fits. If not, I guess I could list it this year!

Well... the eBay money is going to help pay for Christmas presents. Tony went back to 40 hour weeks so we don't have the extra that we did have. Before, Tony was working 50+ hours a week and anything over 40 was gravy. We were hoping it would keep up, but things have slowed down. He might get to work this weekend... of course, when there are things happening that we want him at!

I love Christmas! Tony isn't so crazy about it. That was one thing he somehow avoided getting from his mom! She loved Christmas. Shoot! She loved ALL holidays! She loved any reason to shop and decorate! Or... maybe it was just the shopping! Anyways, I don't know how Tony missed the holiday gene. His brother didn't get it either. I guess maybe his sister got it; I'll let you know if I ever get to meet her!

Tonight, we have promised Chasity that we are FINALLY going to put up the tree. So, after dance tonight, we are coming home and we are going to put up the tree! I love it! I can't wait! Santa is already on the porch and we plug him in at night. I would love to put some lights outside, but I am afraid of heights, and like I said Tony didn't get the holiday gene from his mom! LOL

So, I guess I will be happy with Santa on the porch.... unless Chasity can convince her dad to put lights out! Not tonight of course because it's raining too much! We'll see. Maybe he can do it tomorrow evening. I'll hold the lights while he climbs and hooks them! If not, we will still have Santa on the porch! lol

I hope to get some pictures up soon of the house after we get everything decorated. I'll just have to wait and see if I remember to do that!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It's the best time of year!

Until next time........

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