Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Break from Everything!

I know I'm a little behind on getting the last two parts of my Christmas stuff up. I promise...I will get it up! (Hopefully THIS weekend!) We decided that since Chasity got new clothes and toys for Christmas, it was time to go through and purge the existing stuff in her room. It took two days to go through all her clothes. There are 3 big baskets full of stuff that will either go to Goodwill or be sold on eBay. (When I list them, I'll let you know!)

Then...we started on the toys. We worked for about 4 hours and only got through the Barbies, Dora, and the organizer with drawers. We haven't started on the toy box or the book case. Those could take forever! We should get those done today. Then we have to go through the stuff upstairs (storage) so that we can put the Christmas stuff back up until next year.

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten to post anything! I just haven't gotten around to it! I can't wait to put the pictures from Christmas up for you all to see!

ONE MORE THING! Check out One Minute Writer again today. She's using another prompt I suggested! The prompt is to write about a resolution you are NOT going to make! (I decided to not make any this year... I always break them!) I haven't posted on her site yet, but I just wanted to remind you guys to head over there to check her out! response to her prompt today is....

I have decided that I'm not making ANY resolutions this year. I always break ALL of them. However...the main one that I will not make is to lose weight/get healthy. I made it last year and ended up gaining 80 lbs in the process. This year, I'm going to TRY to get healthy, but not making a resolution to do it!

I hope to write more soon.

Until next time........

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avr said...

I am looking forward to your blog on poetry. I love poems too and find them so much easier and shorter to write than other things. I have not made any resolutions yet, but I did post my comment on The One Minute Writer about which resolution I would not make.