Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"C" What I Can Do!

I was visiting over at A Bouquet of Blessings earlier. She has a cute little game on there. What you do is ask the blogger for a letter. When she (or he) gives you the letter, you post on your own blog ten (10) things you like that begin with that letter.

If you would like to continue the game, please comment and I will get you a letter!

My letter is "C"!
(This should be easy!)

Candy--I love candy, but I have not been eating a lot of it recently.

Chasity Carletta--My daughter, Chasity Carletta, is the best thing to ever happen to me!

Chevrolet--I have been driving my Chevrolet Monte Carlo for 7 years now. Yes, I have over 150,000 miles on it! (Yes, I put 100,000 of those on there in the first year!) Yes, I've had two wrecks in it! Yes, we found out we were having Chasity 7 months AFTER we got the car! Yes, I still love it. She needs a little work right now, but she still runs!

Computers--Most of my time is spent in front of this silly thing. I have 2 classes on this computer. I have a business on here. I have "friends" on here. I love my computer!

Cell phone--If it wasn't for my cell phone, I would have very little contact with the outside world! Except for when I am in front of my computer, I am almost never at home. I have to be able to keep up with my "peeps".

College--I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Teaching degree so that I can teach High School English. Right now, I am about a semester away from getting my license to teach. I have an English Methods class and my internship to finish up. Then I will be working towards my Advanced Licensure (and a pay raise)!!

Chums--You can call them friends, relatives, aquaintances, people, besties, or buds. Whatever you call them, they are great to have around!

Church--I love going to church. I have been in church all my life! It's just part of life! I can't imagine life without church.

Christ--Who can ask for anything more? He's the Alpha and Omega--the beginning and the end. He's the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. He's the Great Physician. He's the healer and provider. He's I AM!

Colors--There are so many beautiful colors in the world. Can you imagine what it would look like in black and white or shades of gray? Could you imagine how boring that would be? I love colors! PURPLE is my favorite!

OK! So there are my ten things that I like that begin with the letter C. I have put them up in random order of course!

If you are interested in playing this Letter Game, please comment on this post and I will assign you a letter!

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Mom To Six said...


Wow! You did great with your "C". I love your daughter's name. Of course and I love that you wrote Church and Christ (I' probably wouldn't have thought about church, although I really love church!). It was pretty neat to learn more about you.



Tinika said...

Ok, I'm game. It looks fun. By the way: I really liked all of your C's.

a corgi said...

this was fun to read; I got a letter from Ohilda otherwise I'd take another letter from you; still coming up with all things for my letter

your daughter's name is very pretty!


AVR said...

Yes, this sounds like fun. Send me a letter, thanks!