Friday, January 30, 2009

My Strange Collection--But Not Strange to Me!

Recently (just a minute ago) I visited Avr over at Just to Write. Today she is talking about things we collect. She collects unicorns.

So in her comments today, I added my comment:

Well... I collect Salt & Pepper shakers. I have been collecting them as long as I can remember. The rule is that they have to be unusual AND I don't buy them for myself! They have to come from other people....My Grandmother has the beginnings of my collection at her house. Some of them date back to WWII. Her uncle sent them here from overseas when he was fighting in WWII. So that is why I started collecting....

HOWEVER... I too have a collection of unicorn stuff. It has been packed up for a couple years now. I have seriously thought about putting it on eBay just to get rid of it. I started collecting those on my 7th bday. A friend gave me one for my bday and I loved it. Then I would see them everywhere. Then it became an obsession for a while! lol

Now I think I'm just going to stick with S&P shakers. I love all the different things that you can get in S&P shakers now! You really should see some of mine!

What do you collect?

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Mom To Six said...

I'd love to see pictures of your S & P shakers. How Cool!

I collect Porcelain dolls of children, I have over 50 of the, and love them.


AVR said...

If you decide to sell your unicorn collection, please let me know or if you post them on ebay, I would be very interested. Perhaps you can post some pictures of your salt and peper shakers.

a corgi said...

so neat with the salt/pepper shakers! I bet you have a great collection!!

I don't collect anything; I used to collect Dopey things from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves but I have downsized a lot with all of our moves and try to have the least amount of things I need so there goes the collection stuff :)

I do hope you post pictures of some of your shakers; would be fun to see :)


Lindsey @ A New Life said...

My collection is not very admirable...I unfortunately collect piles and piles of paperwork, completed homework and pictures, paid bills, etc. I am the world's most unorganized person when it comes to paperwork!!! I can't ever seem to keep it under control!!!