Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Songs

As you have probably noticed (if not I'll tell you), I had a Valentine's themed wedding. However, I did it subtly and did NOT do it in February. lol I got married in the middle of May 2001. If you are from NC, I got married the exact same night and time as the Winston (All-Star) race at the speedway! (You could hear the cars on the track outside the church....well...until they had to call it for rain!

Anyways, I had purple dresses for the girls--two light and two dark. I had heart-shaped candlabras. They were awesome! My cake was 5 (separate) heart-shaped tiers of red velvet cake! It was beautiful!

With all that Valentine's love floating around, I had to have lots of love songs...right? So... we had 7 songs in the ceremony. I'm a singing feign. I love music. I couldn't help myself! So, while the girls were walking in my sister's best friend sang "I Believe in You and Me" (from the Preacher's Wife" movie soundtrack). Before I walked in, I had a white curtain pulled over the door I would be entering, had a light turned on behind us, and my dad and I sang "Butterfly Kisses" together. (The audience only saw sillouttes. Most people thought it was recorded until my dad started crying at the end!)

After I made my grand entrance, I stopped at the alter (dad still there) for my sister's best friend to sing "My Valentine" (by Martina McBride). After we said our vows, my best friend sang "I Do". (He sang the Paul Brandt version that is now on my playlist!) After we exchanged rings, I sang "You Had Me From Hello" (also on the playlist). When we lit the unity candle, my dad and the guys he used to travel and sing with sang "Household of Faith". Then, as we were leaving the sanctuary, my pianist played "I Cross My Heart" for us to walk out to! (This is new on the play list!)

So, that's the story behind some of the songs I have added to my playlist. Enjoy them!

Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

I think it is so sweet that you sang to your husband during your wedding!

a corgi said...

how sweet! I bet hearing the songs brings back great memories of that special day :)


Lynne said...

Great group of song choices! So romantic!