Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

As I sit her this morning, my mind is clouded with a million thoughts. I should be downstairs drying my daughter's hair. (Her daddy just gave her a bath!) I should probably get myself ready for the day! Shoot! I should probably get out and about for the day.

Other than finishing up the rearranging of Chasity's room (we are almost done....just have to decide where to move everything now) and getting all the Christmas stuff back upstairs (into storage), I only have one other thing planned today! We are going to see my Grandma at the nursing home. I need to know where her room is so that I can find her if I need to...

I guess as I think about it, it saddens me a little. Both of my Grandmothers are in nursing homes. Yes, they are both near-by now. (Check out the Christmas Eve post for more on that.) Anyways, I guess I somehow wish that I could take care of them. I wish I had the capabilities of letting them stay at home (or with a family member).

I started thinking... since Tony and I only have one child, when we get older is she really going to be able to deal with all that stress? Seriously, it's not really fair to an only child to have to take care of her parents like that. She doesn't have anyone to help her make the decisions or anything.

At least in my family, with an older brother and younger sister, we get to make decisions together. We get to figure it out and bounce ideas off of each other. In Chasity's world, unless she has really close friends who have dealt with the same things, she's going to be making the decisions alone. Sure, she can handle it! Of course, I'm getting FAR ahead of myself! Right now, she's only 5...I'm 30 (for another few weeks!) and Tony's 40 (for a few weeks after my bday)! I think we are OK for now.

I guess the new year makes different people think about different things. It makes some people think BACK and want to change things. For me, it makes me think FORWARD and want to fix things now (while I have the chance). I don't really see anything I can fix right now, so I guess I'll leave well-enough alone!

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Joann said...

You can fix it... Have another baby!!! LOL!! JK!!! I have an only child, too, and I have also thought about how unfair it will be for him one day. I do hope that things will just work themselves out, so he won't have any burdens.

Leslie Jackson said...

I know what you mean. I think with careful planning, she will be able to deal with everything that comes her way!

For now, I'm just letting her be a kid! lol

a corgi said...

even though I have an older brother and sister, it was my sister who made the majority of decisions about my mom and her final days/care because my mom lived with her and her family, 3000 miles away from where we were living, and my sister knew her health needs so much more than we did, but she had 100% of our support and I never second guessed any of her decisions. These days there is so much you can set up too with living trusts, advanced directives etc that some decisions can be made by you before you become incapacitated. one of the best things my mom did (my dad died when all of us kids were very young) was to make all her funeral arrangements and she prepaid them. when she passed, all my sister had to do was call the funeral director of the mortuary and everything was taken care of including transporting my mom's body from one state to another for burial. I thought it was such an unselfish thing she did to plan ahead and take that stress off of her kids


Lynne said...

I just wrote on the very thing Betty commented to my siblings. Both my grandparents and parents have already made their arrangements for when they pass. It sure took a lot of the worry about what needs to be done. I intend to talk with my husband on this matter and get things in place for my girls. I have life insurance policies but no will in place. I need to get that done as well as make the funeral arrangements.