Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Ordinary Miracle"

I was just looking at some posts from blogs that I should check out some of the ones on my list (to the right side). Anyways, I was reading Confessions of a CF Husband and realized how much God is really doing in lives today.

However, I don't know that any of you have heard the story of the miracle that Tony, Chasity, and I got over the summer. (I just checked through my postings, I can't find it if I did cover it already! Forgive me if you have heard this!)

In September of 2007, Chasity started complaining of headaches. When she would have them, she would also have episodes where she would just stare into space. She wouldn't respond to us or play. She just stared. In October 2007, we took her into the doctor to be checked out. They started running tests on her, but everything was coming back normal. They kept running tests until June 2008.

In June 2008, the Pediatrician sent us to CMC-Northeast (in Concord) to see a Pediatric Neurologist. She looked over the CT scan and saw nothing... it was STILL normal! (Go figure!) Because Chasity has a family history of strokes and such (my dad and Tony's mom), she immediately sent us for an MRI. Chasity was going through these tests like a pro! She was laying still and not having to be sedated--which we were told is unusual for a 4 year old!

About a week after the MRI, I got a call from the Pediatric Neurologist. She said, "I just wanted to let you know that we have set up and appointment for Chasity at (some clinic) in Charlotte. She is going to be seen by a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. The MRI is showing a cyst on her brain and we want to make sure it is benign." (Did your heart drop? Mine did again and I know how the story ends!) I cried. I called Tony at work. He couldn't understand me because I was crying so hard. I called my dad at work and he had to pull his truck over to talk to me because he couldn't understand me. I called my mom at work... she started crying with me.

My kid sister (Lisa--10 years younger than me) got married on July 19th! Chasity's appointment with the Neurosurgeon was July 17th! (I almost called to postpone it until after the wedding about 100 times. I just didn't want any bad news before the wedding!) I didn't postpone it. We took her over there. That was the longest 45 minute drive I could ever imagine! (I never want a drive like that again!)

After talking to the doctor, him performing some more quick tests, and him going over all her previous test results with us, he said..."I want you to know that your child is fine. The cyst is not causing any problems. People can live 100 years with a cyst like that and never know it because they never have a need to have an MRI done. The cyst is NOT causing your daughter's headaches. She's a little faker!" Then he winked at her. "Are you faking these headaches?" She looked at him like he was crazy! lol (I did too!) Then he looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I have no need to touch your child. I will follow up with her in a few months, but unless something major changes, I will never have to do surgery on her!"

I cried! I cried again! I cried some more! Tony had to do the check out paper work because I was crying.

When we got in the car, I called my dad--FIRST! He started crying; he said, "I told you Kiddo...God works." Of course, I've known that all my life, but sometimes we just need up-close and personal proof! I called my brother. I called my best friend (who lives in Florida but was here for the wedding--he may as well be another brother)!! I called my mom! I called the pastor! I think I went through all the contacts in my phone by the time we got into the driveway!

In just a couple of weeks, it will be 6 months since we were told that Chasity is fine! And... it will be 6 months since she complained of a series of headaches. (She has had them from being sick, but not daily--3-8 times daily!) I honestly believe that God healed her that day! Ever since we walked out of the office, she hasn't complained of serious headaches.

That was the "Ordinary Miracle" that Tony, Chasity, and I got just days before my kid sister said "I Do"! The whole family was there to celebrate the miracle with us!

Isn't it wonderful when God puts a plan together like that!

Celebrate your "Ordinary Miracles"...they are worth it!

Until next time........

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a corgi said...

what an awesome story and testimony to the Lord working in your lives!!!


Joann said...

What an GREAT outcome!! No miracle is ORDINARY!!

Lynne said...

What a wonderful miracle! God is Good!

Mom To Six said...

That truly is an awesome testimony to God's love and mercy! Thank you for sharing.


forever folding laundry said...

Wow...that is awesome. He is awesome!