Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm assuming by now that everyone saw the plane crash yesterday. That was amazing!! When my Dad told me about it, the first thing I said was, "Someone else was flying that plane for him". We all know that training and experience really do kick in when an emergency strikes, but no man alone could have placed that plane in the Hudson River without killing or seriously injuring anyone.

One of the ferry drivers that was out on the water yesterday said that he was normally in that area during that time of day. He said he didn't normally arrive there until much later. Then he said (something to the effect of), "I know that God put me there so that my boat could be used to help save lives."

Some of the people actually took later flights to arrive in Charlotte yesterday/last night. I think I would have probably slept it off...then driven home! lol I don't know that I could have gotten on another plane so quickly!

God bless the pilot and the crew for doing so well. Thank God for a miracle!

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2 Comments from my friends:

avr said...

Yes, this was a miracle. I was happy to hear everyone was all right for the most part. I believe God was flying that plane. He puts people where he wants them to be. Those people are truly blessed.

a corgi said...

when my hubby told me about it, the first thing I said was "thank you Lord!" truly he was at the helm! I'm betting a lot of prayers were going up with passengers on board