Monday, January 19, 2009


OK! I guess it is time that I share something that I have been holding in.

I have been struggling with my weight for years! When I was teenager, I knew I was bigger than all the other kids. I didn't go shopping with my friends because I had to shop in a different department because of my size. In college, I couldn't shop with my friends because I had to go to completely different stores to get clothes in my size. Today, I just can't go shopping. Sure, Catherine's and (sometimes) Fashion Bug have clothes in my size. Now, the problem is that I am in the upper end of what those stores offer. Now, I have to use the specialty catalogues. That's aggrivating when you can't see what something is going to look like on you. Anyways, I shop through Roaman's, Lane Bryant catalog, and Woman Within. Sure they have a LOT of the same stuff, but often the prices and colors are different.

Anyways, for the past couple of years (4-5) I have been trying really hard to lose weight. I have tried so many different things that I can't even remember them all. In 2005, I tried Herbalife. I lost 60 lbs. in about 4 months. Then, it got to the point that I just couldn't afford the program any longer. It was a couple hundred dollars a month.

In 2006, I tried Slim Fast. That worked until I got sick of the taste of the shakes. I tried to make them taste differently. I even "pretended" to be drinking milkshakes. I thought I'd be able to trick my mind into getting over it. BUT... I lost about 20 lbs. on that.

In 2007 and 2008 (once each year), I worked with my doctor to lose some of the weight. Unfortunately, the pills and shots didn't work for me. I would lose 10-20 lbs., then I would gain it back! Last year, I gained about 50 lbs. At the end of last year, August/September, my doctor started talking about surgery. He said that we have tried everything that he has and he wanted me to think about it. So... I thought about it. However... I'm still thinking.

I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas without an issue. I didn't think about my weight! Then January got here. The first week, I didn't think about it either. Yes, I did, but I tried not to! Then, two weeks ago I started thinking about it seriously. Here's why...I hit a milestone! Wednesday before last, I weighed myself and weighed in at 412. (Yes, I know! *GASP*) I was horrified! So I started to do some research...I checked out different options. Then I found a few people/sites that talked about Weight Watchers. At that moment, I didn't have the money to do the program. However... I found out how POINTS are calculated. I also found how many points I can have a day. (Isn't the internet wonderful!?)

So, since I couldn't do the program, I got the food (SmartOnes) from the store and that is all I have been eating for two full weeks now. (The current week makes three!)

So... here are the results so far. (Remember, I'm new at this AND I'm doing it alone at the moment!) Also remember that I used to eat almost as much as I breathed! One more thing, I haven't added any exercise to this yet. I'm only working on changing my food right now. Then I'll add exercise soon.

Week of Jan. 4-10 (weighed on Wednesday--Jan. 7): weight 412
Week of Jan. 11-17 (weighed on Monday--Jan. 12): weight 408 (lost 4 lbs.)
Week of Jan. 18-24 (weighed on Monday--Jan. 19): weight 404 (lost 4 lbs.)

Now I'm on my 3rd week and I've already lost 8 lbs!

I will be doing the 3 month online program starting tonight I think....this evening!

Soon I will be starting some indoor exercises!

I'm excited about the results from just changing what I eat! I think I can actually do this! It will take a while to lose the 200 lbs. that my doctor wants me to lose, but I think with motivation and determination and a great start, I can do it!

So, I just wanted to share that!

Until next time........

5 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

Blessings to you will make it happen. I find a lot of times, when reading "success stories" that there are those indivdiuals I think that get it right. They are the individuals that blend a variety of things to make it a life style change in their favor and are successful. You will figure out what works for you and make it happen, and I pray that God will help you thru this challenge as I am praying he helps me too! God Bless!

a corgi said...

Weight Watchers is a great program!! good for you for making positive changes in the right direction on your health! keep up the good work; take it a day at a time and you'll do fine!!


Joann said...

Girlfriend, WW is one of the very best programs around, and with your determination, you're SURE to be successful!! My prayers are with you, keep your spirits high, and JOURNAL; Drink you water; and know that I'm here for you in any way that I can help, k?!?! I'm working on mine too, so I'll do the best I can to help support you!!

Deni said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Honestly, if you were to read more of my blog, you woudn't read anything on Pres. Obama or my thoughts (except for maybe from election night). I am neither republican nor democrat to be honest. I certainly lean towards the republican view of things, but honestly, when it comes down to it, I don't get politics and don't pay attention to it at all. This is really the first time I have paid any attention to anything political in my life. I am still learning about me, government was boring and politics are boring.

you're comment wasn't mean. I didn't take it that way....I have heard meaner, ruder things!

Again, thanks for stopping by!


I wish you lots of success in your weight loss journey :) and just remember, every woman finds a flaw with herself. don't aim for "perfection" - when you've reached the point of feeling a lot better about yourself, then that's all that should matter :)