Wednesday, February 18, 2009

50th Post! Can you believe it???

Today I thought I'd write something inspiring. Then I decided that I'd just include an update on my world instead.

This week has been pretty uneventful. Over the weekend (after I tried to break my ankle) we had Girl Scout cookie booths. We set up our table and sold 114 boxes of cookies in just a couple hours! It was a blast!

Monday I went to a Home & Garden Party party. Hmmm...maybe they should work on the name of that.... Anyways...I bought this cute little angel thing to go in Chasity's room. (It's called "In God's Hands".) I wanted more stuff, but I'm saving money to go shopping for new clothes this weekend!!!

Yesterday I mailed off my taxes, some clothes (that were borrowed), and some Girl Scout cookies to my sister-in-law in WV. She's wonderful! (I included some surprises in the box, but I can't put them here until she gets the box. She reads this sometimes!)

So I should have my taxes done in the next week or so! That means I should have them back soon! :) That means I can get new tires for my car...and a new highbeam light...and get the car inspected. It's not due until March anyways! :) We just like to get it over with!

After that, I picked up Chasity from school and we went to the consignment store. I spent $20 and got her 3 cute little outfits. She can wear them all summer....I did very good! :)

THEN...I had to go get more cookies! At the booths this weekend, we started running out of some flavors. So my dad took me in the "Cookie-mobile" (his big Dodge truck) to get a new supply of cookies! We are now set to sell, sell, SELL!!!

At the Girl Scout meeting last night, the girls planted different kinds of seeds. They are working on trying to "Make the World a Better Place". They earned one of the petals for their Daisy patch!

Tonight I have class. I really should be reading right now, but....obviously I'm not! I still have half of Whale Rider to read before 5:30pm. I CAN get it done! I just don't know if I WILL!

I am looking forward to Friday night! I get to go SHOPPING for new clothes! Hopefully I can find some that fit! lol Of course, if I keep working at Weight Watchers, I'm going to shrink out of these clothes too! That's ok! I love to shop!

Maybe next time I'll have more interesting things to write about...maybe not! But...right now I have to get ready to go meet a friend to give her the Girl Scout cookies she ordered. Then I'm going to eat lunch with Chasity at school! I have to get her ready for the Gold Card Gala they are having this afternoon! She gets to dress up and everything for it!

Until next time........

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