Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fried Brain...

Last night I took my Adolescent Lit mid-term. SO...I'm going to have to be more prepared for the final! This teacher kills me. First we only discuss the books in class. Then she gives us handouts and says "Just read over these". Then...on the test, she expects us to list specific things from the handouts. This is craziness! I guess I'll have to plan to memorize all the details of the books and all the details of the handouts for the final. I just never thought I'd have to list specifics from handouts that were "just for your information". much for that idea!

I'm done with it. It's over! I'm sure I'll get at least a B...then I have to bring that up to an A because I want to graduate from the MAT program with a 4.0!

Anyways...have to get ready to go see Ang! She wants her cookies!

Until next time........

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