Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Day #1

On January 20th, we had our first SNOW DAY of the school year. I love snow! I have always loved snow! When I was in school (you know....100 years ago!) we would always have at least two days out of school. However with climate changes taking place, we don't have the snow here that we used to have. early afternoon the snow was gone! BUT.... Chas loved playing in it...while it lasted!!

Good thing I have quick reflexes. I shot this picture and ran! Otherwise I would have gotten a snowball to the face!!

Here is the snow angel that my angel made! Below is my angel making the snow angel!

Look out Mom! Here comes another snow ball! (Yes, I did get hit with that one!) Just look at the happiness in her eyes here!

I wish the snow would have stayed longer, but we had fun while it was here.
Until next time.......

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Joann said...

I miss having snow!! Glad you got those pics to share!!