Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

So every year on Valentine's Day I get a little nostalgic. Of course, it holds special meaning to me. Why? Well....a couple reasons.

1. Nine years ago today, I bought my first car--from someone NOT in the family! This is the car that sits at my parent's house right now. It doesn't run very well. However when I got it, I was driving the tires off of it! It wasn't new, but it was good. This is also the car that I gave to my sister when she turned 16. Tony and I had a car and a truck; three cars was silly. I decided to give it to Lisa. She drove it until she was 17 or 18 and then she bought a little used car. Then my mom started driving the "little blue bouncy car". Yes, it bounces. No...the heat or air do NOT work. Yes...the windows still work. NO...the defroster doesn't work. drives! Of course, that was until about 18 months ago. Then mom had to park it because it needed to have work done. In that time, my parents got used to using ONE car! Now...the car doesn't work.... AND the neighbor tried to steal the Cadalidic (did I spell that right?) Converter off of it! (That's a story for a different day!)

2. TOMORROW is my Bday! So.... I always sort of pause on Valentine's Day to evaluate what I have really done in a year! Not so much....BUT....I'm still young (mostly!) and I can still accomplish whatever I want to!

3. This might be the most important one! NINE YEARS AGO TODAY (yes, the same day I bought the car!) TONY PROPOSED TO ME!!!!! One day, I will write the story of how he and I met. It's quite interesting! Well, it is for me anyways! lol

I hope that everyone has a great VALENTINE'S DAY! Share it with someone you love!

Until next time........

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Happy Birthday!