Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Saturday!

Well...last night Chasity had dance. The schedule is off this week because of dance pictures at the studio. Today Chasity has dance pictures. However, that does NOT begin our day! lol

First Chasity has to go to school. Mom and I are taking her because we are heading to a big Consignment Sale. We might even hit a yard sale or two. We love doing that! :)

Then after I get Chasity from school, I have to count Girl Scout Cookies. We have our final weekend of selling cookies at and tomorrow. There are 3 booths in the mix! We are going to run out of some flavors... I know that, but we are going to have SOME left over! We will figure out what to do with them...I hope!

As soon as I'm finished counting GS Cookies, Chasity has dance pictures. She has these two cute little outfits to wear. I'll post pics, but only after my mom sees them. They are a surprise to her! She also gets to wear make-up for the pics. I'll make her look natural though...I hate make-up on little kids.

While Chasity is having pictures done, Tony is going to load the GS Cookies in to the car for the cookie booth. He's so great! (Just don't tell him I said that!) He's been SUCH a great help with the cookie booths!

After pics, hopefully they will be finished, Chas and I have to run to the GS Booth for cookies. I made posters last night for it. Hopefully people will stop for cookies!

I'm excited! It's going to be a busy day!

After the Cookie Booth, Chasity is going to spend the night with my sister, Lisa. Of course Chasity keeps saying, "Auntie Lisie". Yeah....she's a little strange, but....she gets that from me I guess!

If I get a minute to sit down again, I will post more about the events today....if not....

Until next time........

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