Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Wedding Survey

Here's a little something I picked up from my bloggy friend over at Musings from Mommyland. I hope you enjoy it. (If you are married, take it and fill it out so we can learn a little about your big day!)

1. When was your wedding day? May 19, 2001
2. What day of the week was it? Saturday
3. Did you get married in a church? Yes, South Concord Church of God
4. How many in your wedding party? 4 girls, 4 guys, 2 ringbearers, 1 flowergirl
5. Where was your reception? in the church fellowship hall
6. How many guests were invited to your wedding? close to 300 invited....only about 150 showed up....BUT...some were stuck in traffic because my wedding and the NASCAR All Star race at Lowe's Motorspeedway started at the exact same time. Some people just didn't listen when I told them to come up EARLY for the wedding because traffic would be really bad!
7. How long did you wait to Tie The Knot after your proposal? a little over a year...he proposed on Feb 14, 2000
8. Who did you hire as your photographer & videographer? yes and no...our photographer was Tony's bro-in-law (but he's a photographer) and our videographer was a friend of mine!
9. Did you have a DJ or a band? Technically...neither. BUT... I had a pianist, 2 soloists (not counting myself) and a Southern Gospel trio that sang at the wedding.
10. Did your father walk you down the aisle? Yes, and I was fine until I saw friends of mine crying when I was walking in. When we got to the alter and they started praying, I said, "I need a hanky". Dad said, "Too bad, you'll just have to hold it!" So...fortunately, I did! No more tears.
11. What color were the bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen vests? The vests were silver on all the guys except Tony...his was white! The Maid and Matron of Honor wore dark purple and the other two bridesmaids were light purple/lilac.
12. Who was your Maid Of Honor/Best Man? Maid of Honor: Lisa Parker (my little sister), Matron of Honor: Mary Parker (my sis-in-law); Best Man: Marc Cathey (Tony's brother)
13. Did you have a Bridal Shower? Yes, I had a couple. Some here and some near Tony's family.
14. What type of limo did you get? Why have a limo when you have a perfectly good pick up truck to leave in? We left in Tony's green Chevy Silverado!
15. Where did you go for your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party? Neither of us really had one. We both just spent some time with our families as "single" people!
16. What type of wedding gown/tux did you two wear? I wore are long, heavily beaded, longsleeved dress. It had a sweetheart neckline in the front and the back! The sleeves were lace and very decorative! The veil was handmade by me and my mom! It was also decorative! I wore white ballet slippers for my shoes! Tony's tux was black tails with white shirt, tie, and vest. He wore black cowboy boots with his!
17. How was the weather? All morning, it was sunny. Then...about an hour before the wedding (at 7pm) it started raining. It let up long enough to do a few pics outside after the wedding. started thundering and lightning and pouring! There was also some flooding too! It was bad! But... it's a family tradition to have rainy wedding weather!
18. Where did you go on your Honeymoon? Gaitlinburg, TN
19, What was your favorite part of your wedding? Family and friends
20. How long have you been married? This May 19th will be 8 years.
21. What would you change about the day? I would get more people to listen to me about traffic so they could get to the wedding. I would also like to change the weather just a little bit. Rain's ok...but could we do without the STORM???
22. What advice have you gotten and would you give to newlyweds? RUN!!! Don't do it! (No...I'm just kidding!) I'd say.... Be yourself. Let them be who they are. If you can't be yourself with your spouse, who can you be yourself with? Really....think about that one!

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