Monday, March 16, 2009

Weight Update and Other Stuff


Last week, I busted! I was stressed out... and I really got to a place where I didn't care about what I ate. I just wanted food! So I gained 5 lbs last week. Yes, I know that's a lot to gain in a week, but...I did it! It's ok though. I can lose it this week...if not...maybe in a couple of weeks, but I'll lose it again.

I probably would have paid more attention if I had not been so stressed out about other stuff. I mean...seriously....I "lost" 34 boxes of girl scout cookies only to find out that I don't know my 6's from my 9's! YES! I found them, but I was a little stressed out for most of the week. When I get stressed, I eat and I cry. Shoot! Sometimes I cry WHILE I eat, but either way, I cry and eat and eat and cry!

Chasity and I are peeling. Now that we are over the burning part of the sunburn, we are peeling. When she got burnt, her hair was braided in two braids and parted down the middle (thanks to my sister)!! So she had a bright red line in her hair. Now she has a line of peeling...she looks like she has just a single SOLID line of dandruff. It's funny, but I know it's got to be aggrivating for her!

Why do schools do stupid stuff? Like this week is Spirit Week (to raise money for a cause, but I don't know what!)....Everyday the kids want to participate, they have to pay $0.25. If they want to bring in $1.25 for the week they can....or they don't have to do it at all. Today is HAT DAY. Chas hates hates (don't know how well that's going to go with softball) so she didn't do it. Then...tomorrow is TEAM/JERSEY DAY. Tomorrow is also Class/Group Picture day. Why would they ask kids to wear Jerseys in their class pics. So....I have to send extra clothes for Chas to put on for the pic so that she can wear here PANTHERS JERSEY tomorrow before and after the pics! Wednesday is WINECOFF they have to wear school colors or school logos Thursday is PAJAMA DAY!!! Chas loves that! So we'll definitely be wearing PJs on Thursday! Friday (as with every spirit week) is WACKY HAIR DAY. We love that too since Chas has MEGA HAIR! We get to do WILD stuff with her hair! It's fun! I think she'll participate in everyday except today.... but.... that's her choice.

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

AVR said...

Don't stress about the pounds you gained. Stress does that to me too. I tend to eat chocolate a lot. You will lose them again!!!

Tinika said...

Don't worry about those 5 pounds, they will be gone again in no time!