Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bus Crash

My mom just called a little bit ago (so I ran downstairs to the TV). There's a bus from a school not far from my house that had 45 5th graders on it heading to SC for an overnight field trip at Camp Thunderbird.

The bus had an accident and is now laying on its side facing the wrong way on I-77 southbound. It has been there for a little bit already and they are saying it will be at least another hour before all is cleared on the interstate again!!

Of the 45 kids, 20 did not get injured, 19 had minor injuries and are on the CMC "bus" to get checked out, and 6 were transported via ambulance to area hospitals.

They keep telling parents not to go to the scene, but they keep saying how bad it is. Right now, they don't know exactly who is where. There were 3 buses total going on the trip. Two are still sitting there waiting to be cleared to go back to the school. The other bus is....well.....a little damaged at the moment!

Here is more information about it:

Now, I might seem a little crazy, but this is why my child doesn't do field trips without me. Even next year (when I hope to be working), I will take days off so that I can go to field trips. I am thankful for people willing to drive buses, but I won't send my child without me! (Yeah....tomorrow we're going to Lazy 5 Ranch! It's going to be 80 degrees and I hate the sun--it burns!!!! But... my child is not going without me!!!!) I'll be driving behind the bus, but I'll be there if something happens!

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