Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nothing to say....But everything on my mind

I haven't really had anything much to say lately. Actually, that's not true! I've had lots to say, but just haven't really wanted to take the time to say it.

For example, I gained 5 lbs again! This time, I don't know how I did it! I just did! So now, I'm having to stress about that! Maybe I'm just supposed to stay this size until I get a job and can get more clothes! Clothes cost I don't have until I get a job....a job I will hopefully have in August! So maybe I am going to shrink more after August! However...I am planning to continue trying NOW! Weight Watchers hasn't failed me; I've failed it! I'll get back on the wagon again!

Girl Scouts are coming to an end soon. We still have a few more cookies to sale, but I think we might get those gone soon! Chasity has a few more things to do this year...then next year for the older Daisies, it will be easy patches. The NEW Daisies will have the harder ones to get! I have 3 girls that are moving up to Brownies. I'm excited about that! Now, I will have two ages in the troop...actually4! I will have Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grades. I will basically have two troops in one! That's ok! That's killer for the fun stuff!!

Tony and Chasity have a "Me and My Guy" dance this Saturday night! I can't wait to see how cute she is all dressed up for that! I have to decide what Tony is going to wear! I hope it's going to be warm. Chasity has a cute little pink dress to wear! I'll take pics and hopefully get them on here before she's 30!

I got my computer back from my brother-in-law. He had to get all the files off of it so that I could have them! He's going to put them on a CD or something! However... I've been a real slacker. I have yet to ship off the computer for getting fixed. I have the postage paid box and everything downstairs. I just haven't done it! I guess I need to do that today or tomorrow! If not, I will NEVER get it back! Lisa has been SO nice to let me keep her computer this long! But...I really want mine back!

I only have about 4-5 weeks left in my classes! They are out May 6th I think! I'm so excited! I can barely contain myself! This has been one of the toughest semesters yet! BUT... I have completed registration for next semester! I only have ONE class! So.... I can just hope that I have a job! I have been told that if I am teaching full time, I do not have to worry so much about the observation hours that are required for the class! That would be FABULOUS!!

Chasity will hopefully have her FIRST baseball (coach's pitch) game this weekend. They were supposed to have Game 1 last week, but it rained. Now, it has rained yesterday and today...they are threatening some rain tomorrow. I just hope that it doesn't get cancelled again! As it is right now, she's going to have to miss ONE game because of her dance recital the first weekend of May! I'm looking forward to that! She's going to be so cute! I will DEFINITELY get pics of that!

I have yet to get up with the photographer for her dance pics. He still says he'll do them for free, but I have to find the time to get her up there! lol Isn't that how it is? We have something handed to us, but we can't find the time to get it!?

Well.... I guess I have kept this really positive today! I have tried to keep from writing really negative stuff....maybe that's why I haven't been writing much. Who knows?!

Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

It's like I always say: only speak the good. Even if the bad is happening- don't talk about it! Lmbo!

natalie said...

Dearest Leslie,
Thank you so much for giving my dear friend Lynne the gratitude award!
She is an awesome person and she really does deserve it !
I really enjoyed this entry!
I should start reading your blog and please come and write comments on my blog!(I'd love to have you pull your chair up and comment ona regular basis!
I think it is absolutely great how involved you are in your kid's lives! Way to go!
Yours truly, natalie

Lynne said...

Hey Leslie,

Hang in must be the season for weight gain because I feel like I'm going up instead of down. I'll find out for sure tomorrow. Blessings!