Friday, April 24, 2009

Things to Do....and Finding a Home for Unicorns

Yes! I have stuff to do. I have more stuff than I know HOW to do! Let's see... this should be a pretty busy weekend.

1. Get yard sale stuff together. I have some stuff that I need to go through so that I can get rid of some stuff and take it to the Yard Sale tomorrow. YES tomorrow! I know, I know... I should wait until like 2am to get the stuff together!

2. Homework! I have three stories to read that I have to write something about midnight. So, I'll read AFTER I get yard sale stuff together. And...I'll read at the yard sale! Then I have TWO books to read before May 6th because I have a final that night and the two books that I haven't read yet WILL be on it! :) I have SIX two page papers to write... I just haven't figured out what I am going to write, so I'm having issues writing! I think that's it for this weekend!

3. YARD SALE! I have the yard sale tomorrow morning! I go at starts at 7am!

4. Ball game! Chasity has a ball game at 9am. I'm leaving the Yard Sale long enough to go to that and then I'm going back to the sale.

5. Tony's birthday! My husband's 41st bday is tomorrow. I have no idea what we are doing for him. I should have that planned already. He had mine planned for me early.... of course, my sister and brother-in-law and our daughter were the only ones to go with us. My parents didn't even come. They went somewhere else... but... we had fun. I need to find out what we are going to do for him....and invite some people over! lol

6. CHURCH! Sunday I have church...then I have homework...then I have choir practice...then I have church again!

7. Shopping! At some point, we have to go to the grocery store.... probably AFTER doing something for the birthday tomorrow!

8. SLEEP! Wait... I guess that's not something I HAVE to do!

If I get all of this accomplished, I should have a REALLY GREAT "Not Me! Monday" post next week! lol

Also....I have given it some serious thought and I think I'm ready to get rid of my unicorn collection. They have been boxed up and I haven't even taken them out in forever. There was someone at one point who said they would like to see about getting them if I decided to sell them. I'm ready.... it's time.... just let me know if you are still interested. Leave me a comment with your email and I'll try to get you some pics of the unicorns.

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Ohilda said...

Oh my goodness! I'm exhausted just reading all you have to do. You've reminded me that I REALLY need to have a yard sale to clear up all the clutter that's driving me bonkers!!

Have fun and I hope your sale is really succesful!



Joann said...

I did get matched up .... WOO HOO!! I can't find your e-mail addy??!?! Thanks for cluing me in about the SWAP on your blog!! LOL!! WOW!!! You have a BUSY weekend!! Hope you find time to relax and read!

Lynne said...

Wow, I think I need to take a vitamin for energy after reading what you have to get done, lol. The most important thing on the list is the birthday, and I can't wait to hear about it! Blessings to you!

AVR said...

Yes, I am still interested in your unicorn collection. Can you email me pictures of them, if you can? My email: Thank you. Good luck with everything you have to do!