Monday, April 20, 2009

Updates and Such Nonsense


I can't believe I have waited so long to write again! Trying to finish up classes, get through finals, and complete the Girl Scout meetings for the year, I have been busy! Man! I just realized that I have a snot-load of stuff to do in the next two weeks....all my classes end by May 9th--isn't that FABULOUS???

So last week was interesting. I worked in my mom's place at the daycare for three days. Everything came to a head with Stacy on Thursday, but that's a story for another place and time!! It was interesting. I actually got a good bit of homework finished during play time and naptime those three days! (My mom was out of town for a church conference!!)

Friday night, I went to a scrapbooking thing with a friend. I'm working on Chasity's second year now. I've finished her first year....that book is HUGE!!! Now I'm on to the 2nd year. I don't think this book is going to be as big! Of course, I haven't really gotten started yet either!! lol I only have like 5 pages done....but.... I still have to find pictures for the rest of the year. I only found pics through Dec. 2004. I don't know where her 2005 pics are.

Saturday, Chasity had a ball game! She got 4 hits, got on base all 4 times, AND she got to run all the bases!!! She's pretty awesome! Unfortunately, I had to miss it all. The baseball schedule was changed and rearranged after the first game was rained out. So I had already planned an event for the Girl Scouts from the district at our location. Chasity didn't have to be there....she is only in Kindergarten and the event was for 1st graders!!!

Then Saturday evening, my sister Lisa was in a wedding for one of her friends. Victoria and Trevor hang out with my sister and her hubby a lot. So the night that Chasity had a sleepover at Lisa's, Trevor and Victoria went bowling with them. lol It was Chasity's first time ever bowling, so Lisa took plenty of pics! Anyways, on the way to the wedding, Chasity said, "Mommy, I want to have my picture taken with Victoria. We're best friends because she went bowling with me!" So when we got there, they were doing Victoria's pics outside.... so I had Lisa ask her. She said YES! She even played along with the fact that they are "best friends"!! I am so glad! She could have broken Chasity's heart, but she didn't.

Yesterday, was a typical Sunday. I did get a good bit of homework done! I only have ONE page to write that is due tonight. However, I have a HUGE annotated bibliography due on Wednesday. Maybe I should have done it already! lol NAH! That would take the stress out of getting it done!

So... I'm off to do homework... or at least check my email!

Until next time........

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