Sunday, May 17, 2009 that a word? (And WW update!)

If eBaying is not a word....well then we should make it one! I love selling Chasity's old clothes on eBay. I get a little extra cash and I get to empty out her closet. I have learned that--especially the really good stuff--I can get more on eBay for it than by going to a consignment shop.

Many of Chasity's clothes are from consignment shops or consignment sales. I love it! I get great deals on practically new stuff! (Now...if they just carried clothes in MY size....BUT... I'm still working on that!)

Speaking of working on that, I weighed in this morning at 367.8....that means that TOTAL, I have lost 50.2 lbs! I'm so EXCITED! AND... I got a new scale.... it only weighs up to 400.... I had to buy a special on last time that went to 450! (It cost to much and broke toooooo easy! So I don't need it any more!! now.... I guess that since I'm not in school right now, I need to work on getting my rear in gear and exercisizing! I know... I keep saying I'm going to do it, but I never do. I really DO NEED TO.... I will..... I just have to find the motivation! (I also need a pedometer! I should look on eBay!!)

Until next time.......

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