Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Week in Review!

This week has been pretty crazy! It all started last Saturday! We had a baseball game at noon! Yep! It was POURING down rain! I actually think I saw some cats and dogs falling from the sky! We had a 15 minute delay, but it didn't help. long as there's not thunder and lightning....the ball game goes on! So I was under the umbrella, but Tony and Chasity were on the field in the rain!

Sunday... I got up to get ready for church only to find Tony in the fetal position in our bed. He was freezing (and it was 70-ish in the house). He had a fever of I got Chasity ready for church and sent her with my mom. I took Tony to Urgent Care (like an ER, but quicker and cheaper on the wallet)!! We weren't there long before they had decided that he had pneumonia and his blood work was looking strange. So they sent us home (actually to Walgreens for meds) and said to get to his PCP (primary care physician) ASAP!

Monday....Memorial Day.....I got up and called Tony's dr....they were actually working! So we made an 11am appt. He went...more lab work.... go home and rest!

That afternoon, we took Chasity to the dr. only to find out that she has Walking Pneumonia! (I'm blaming it on the rain!) So now....she's on 2 allergy meds, 2 stomach meds, cough med, breathing treatment, and 2 antibiotics.... YES! That's EIGHT meds for my ONE 5 year old!

Tuesday...sent Chasity to school. She hasn't had a fever, so she's not contagious! PLUS...she hasn't missed a single day of school all year.... only 8 (starting tomorrow) left.... not missing any now! lol :) She was fine to go!

Tony didn't work that day....stayed home to rest! NO REST was allowed! The different docs kept calling. His PCP had gotten him an appt with a hemotologist/oncologist because of his strange blood work! Dr. S (the h/o) called to say that the appt was at 1pm. We were told it would take weeks, but because of the strange results, they got him in ASAP! Fine..... 1pm it is then. Then the PCP called to make sure that he was going to see Dr. S. YES! We're going! Then.... the call that started my freak out...... the Urgent Care dr called to tell Tony that they were not sure that he had pneumonia. They had looked at the xrays of his chest again and there was a mass in his lungs..... Can you say OMG?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! They also said he needed at CT scan of his chest to see what the mass really looked like.....

So I started to panic, but tried to not let Tony know! I dropped Tony off at Dr. S and went to get Chasity from school. I dropped Chasity off at daycare with my mom and went straight to Dr. S to get/see Tony. I went in to find out that there was NO mass..... and the blood work was strange because of a vitamin b12 deficiency! I could have shot him for making me freak out! (Acutally, I did get to shoot him.....with vitamin b12 shots!) He took those from Tues-Sat. Now he has to do them weekly.....

Everything worked out well!!!

This past Friday, we played our first tournament game and lost, but it's double elimination. Then we played Saturday morning and WON! So.....we play tomorrow night at 6:30.... I'll keep you posted! (We don't know who we play yet! LOL)

However... for now.... I'm thanking GOD that vitamin B12 is all that's wrong with his blood and that someone made a mistake when looking at his x-ray.....there is no mass!!!!!

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Lisa said...

Leslie-I'm glad to hear everything worked out OK with your husband. I was really worried as I was reading along!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for my swap package! I just wrote a post about it - I enjoyed the items so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Basement Bags Girl said...

glad all ended well and hope everyone is feeling better!