Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates...for all things Leslie!

I know I haven't really been great at keeping up with things, but.... I just updated my other blog--Poetry by Leslie Jackson. Check it out!

Also....Weight Watchers update. weight update! For the past 3 weeks, I have stayed at 370. So this week, I was a little busy and didn't really keep up with what I was eating (but kept up with points, if that makes sense) and I gained 8 lbs. I'm back at 378. However, I knew I was going to gain weight, so that was NOT a surprise. I just have to do better THIS week! :)

School....I am completely finished (waiting on final grade) in my EDUC class at UNCC. This week is my FINAL WEEK until August! Can you feel the excitement in the air? :) UNFORTUNATELY.... between now and Wednesday, I have two books to read. I also have to check out the other books that we read since the mid-term to refresh on characters! I have that final Wednesday night! In my other online class, I have a final exam, but I have the questions already (the teacher posted them already) and I think I'll do fine on it! :) BUT... for that same class, I have 7 2-page papers to write. (YES I procrastinated! YES it's all my fault! NO...I don't know what I'm going to write about yet---that's probably why I haven't written them yet!)

Chasity...Last Thursday, I went to Lazy 5 Ranch with Chasity's class at school. It was fun. Friday and Saturday, she had dance recitals. It was WONDERFUL! She was so cute! I'll do pics soon.... hopefully! Friday, my brother and his wife and all 5 of their kids came to see her. She was surprised. Yesterday, Tony's sister, Debbie, came in from WV to see her dance. She had to leave today to get back to work though. :( (Deb if you are reading this, WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for coming down!) She only has a couple weeks left of school!

Chasity's teacher...She is pregnant. The baby is due May 18th! The class is planning a surprise baby shower (basically just a party) for her on Friday....since it will be her last day. (Who cares if we disrupt the learning environment for a little while!? lol) I still have to talk to the teacher assistant in the class to make sure everything is still on for Friday! (I just ordered 24 cupcakes.... it better still be on!!)

I think that is all that I have for now.... wasn't that enough? lol Hopefully I can keep up with things better next semester! (I only have ONE class.... it shouldn't be too hard!)

Until next time........

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Lynne said...

I am hoping to do better with WW this week too! Hang in there! Hope you have a lovely week!