Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banned from Daycare (and Knee Surgery)

So...our church daycare has been open since January 2005. My child was the first one enrolled. No, I wasn't thrilled since I had moved down here so that she wouldn't have to be in daycare. (My mom was watching my brother's youngest at her she was watching Chasity there too!) We were trying to avoid daycare altogether.

However... the church opened the daycare and my mom became the director. So Chas started going there. Well... because daycare is quite expensive, they (the powers that be) worked out a deal with me. I could get a discount if I'd work 3-4 hours a day to help the daycare! I'm not much for small children and I despise diapers, but I agreed! lol So I have been an "employee" of the daycare since a few weeks after it opened.

So what's the problem?

Back in April, I worked in my mom's place at the daycare because she went to the church conference with some other people from our church. One of the (NEW) girls obviously thought I didn't know what I was doing and decided to show her tail. It even came to the point that she start saying some very ugly words in the daycare. According to the handbook, profanity is grounds for termination.... if my mom chooses it! She didn't choose it so every time I go to the daycare, I have to deal with this idiot!

I haven't really hidden the fact that I'm not crazy about this girl! So now...she's starting to cause problems at the daycare.... She's causing problems because she doesn't like me! (Yes... that's what my mom told me!) So now.... I can't go to the daycare because it will cause more issues! During the summer, I usually am there for the school kids. This year, I didn't need to be there full time, but I fill in when people have to be out.

Like last week....when I was there because my Gma was in the hospital....and I covered for mom!


My mom's doctor just called her a little bit ago to tell her that she will be having a minor knee surgery to scope her knee next week. Because it is basically a laser surgery, she only has to stay off of it for 48 hours. The surgery is Thursday....that means mom will be out of commission Thursday (for surgery), Friday and Saturday (to rest)...then Sunday she can get it. Monday-10 days later....she has to "take it easy"....but...she can have "modified" work.... that basically means sitting in a chair to watch the kids!

When mom told me this, I asked who was going to be working for her. She said she'd have to figure it out..... since I can't go to the daycare and all! lol I have a feeling I'll be the one working, but that's fine with me! :)

I just hope that this fixes my mom's least gets rid of the pain....for NOW! It's been hurting since April....EVERYDAY! (I can't imagine that kind of pain!)

Until next time........

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