Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coming Together Nicely

So things are starting to come together here...

First, we got Gma moved into the nursing home yesterday. I really like it, but I'm pretty sure my mom is wanting her back at the Assisted Living center. However.... I think given time, my mom will like this place just as much!

Second, I went to the Girl Scout store today. I got all the badges/patches that the girls earned this year. Next year, I don't think I'm waiting until the last minute to get those! lol BUT.... I know I probably will!

Third, plans are starting to come together for Friday Night's Girl Scout Awards Ceremony. People are starting to RSVP. I have the badges... I have all the cookie prizes (and have had for a month now)...snacks are being chosen...and the lady just called a few minutes ago to say that the Cookie Trophies are ready! :) I'm starting to get excited!

Last (I think) computer monitor completely died on my laptop again, so I sent it off yesterday. I should have it back (and fixed correctly this time...I hope) in 10 business days! I'm looking forward to getting it back....again! lol I'm just glad I'm not taking summer classes...the last two times have been in the middle of my semesters.... so.... at least now things are SLOWER.... yeah... a little at least! lol

Things around here are really starting to come together nicely! I guess I am just waiting on the bottom to fall out... I'm a pessimist that way!

Until next time........

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