Monday, June 8, 2009

E is for Explanations and Endeavors!

Today is Monday! So I thought I'd give an explanation for the "Six Word Saturday" that I posted. As if one is really needed.... We won. We won. We lost. Actually.... to be honest the other coach cheated and we should have tied and gone into overtime. However... I am trying really hard to be nice (NOW!). I was very rude and ill on Saturday as it happened and immediately after the game. I went so far as to try call the other coach a "cheating jerk who doesn't know anything about playing by the rules". Luckily...after hearing what he had done, other parents and some of the other coaches felt the same way. NO! I didn't go make an announcement, although I felt like it! The parents and other coaches were there.... it was the first of two possible Championship games. If we had won (which we would have in OT) we would have played again. Unfortunately, the coach added a player in the middle of the game. This player knocked in the winning run. So if he hadn't been added, we would have gone into OT and won. Then the kid could have been added to the 2nd game.

I know I sound bitter about losing. Shoot! Who wouldn't want their kid on the #1 team..... but honestly.... I didn't mind that we lost. I got really mad that the other coach pulled the crap that he did. BUT.... it's over. There's always next year! :) With a different team and different coach. Our coach is moving up with his son, but we are not moving up yet! :) BUT.... the coach of the other team will not be back next year. The organization asked him to "forgo returning for another season". lol

So.... I guess that explains the "Six Word Saturday"!

Now....what new endeavors are there?

Just tonight, I decided to be the Fundraising Coordinator for Chasity's PTO! We'll see how that goes! lol I'll try most anything to help out....once.

So I have that for next year....

Then....Wednesday night I have a Girl Scout District Team meeting to see what they need help with! So I will be taking a position there also! (BUT...there are more people there to help out! lol)

AND... I am trying to get all my stuff together to send in to apply for an English Teaching position for next school year.

How many new things can a person add at once? LOL I don't know.... but I guess I'll be finding out soon! lol

I guess E is for explanations, endeavors, excitement, and entirely out of my mind! LOL

Until next time........

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