Friday, June 5, 2009

More Baseball

So last night we played the drizzle! I almost pulled Chasity out of the game, but decided to see how hard the rain was going to get! It wasn't I left her in the game! She did great! She even got the game ball.... Why??? I'm so glad you asked! lol

In the first inning, she got a single and knocked a run in. That tied the game at 3-3! Then in the 2nd inning, she got out going to 1st base, but she still knocked in another run. That tied us up 6-6! Then the next batter knocked in the winning run, but because it is a church league, everyone bats every inning (at least in the 5-6 year olds!)! (I think that's a great rule!!) Anyways....the final batter knocked in one more run so we won 8-6!

What does that mean? means that we play tonight again! At 6:30pm we play (if it isn't storming....they are calling for bad storms!). Tonight's game is against a team that also played last night. We aren't sure yet who we play....I didn't stay for the end of the other game! Anyways...the other two teams that played last night were both undefeated.... we play the loser of that game. Whoever wins tonight goes on to play an undefeated team tomorrow morning. :)

We can hope it is us....if not.... 3rd place isn't so bad! (We lost our coach at the beginning of the season. Our new coach was appointed about an hour before our first game. We didn't get a lot of practice because of practice has been during the games! LOL)

These kids did an awesome job this year! I don't care if they get 1st, 2nd or 3rd! They are GREAT!!! (I wouldn't care if we got last place either, but now 1, 2, and 3 are our only options! lol)

Good luck tonight 5-6 year old Indians!!!!

Until next time........

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