Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beach Vacation....Day 3

So yesterday started well. I did my 1/4 mile walk. I showered and waited on the family to get ready to go. Unfortunately, my family was in SLOW MOTION so no one else was ready before 1pm. I wanted to go walk through the shops in downtown Myrtle Beach, but I was not going in the hottest part of the day. The temperature here has been 88 with about 95% humidity! OMG! That's too much for me! lol

So, we sat around the house so long that I finally fell asleep. I took a TWO HOUR NAP! Can you believe that? I can't! I rarely do that! Anyways... when I got up, we started making plans to hang out with Tony's sister and her family. They wanted to go to a place called Captain George's to eat. I'm sure the food was good, but I didn't eat any. I know we are on vacation, but I did not see a need to pay $30 per person to eat a seafood buffet. It ws not worth it to me. So while everyone else ate, I talked to them. We ordered Chasity a cheeseburger with fries, and 30 minutes later it had still not arrived. So what would any good mother do? I marched down to the front desk and ask for a manager! lol YES, I did! Then her food showed up, but she decided that she wasn't hungry. So it is in a box in the fridge! lol

After that, I was still hungry, but Debbie and the family wanted us to come down to go swimming with them. So we came back to where we are staying and changed really quick. We got there and swam until about 9:30pm. It was great. The outdoor pool has salt water in it so it is warmer than a regular pool!

On the way home I was much calmer than I had been when we left the restaurant. So I finally decided that Tony could get me something to eat. (I had previously said that there would be no more food bought until everything we had shopped for was gone! lol) So...where did I go??? I FINALLY got me a Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Blizzard from Dairy Queen! I did get REAL food too...and I ate the real food (well most of it) before I ate the ice cream! So....I'm hoping that walking and swimming this week is going to add up to some mad activity points for WW.... if not.... I'm in TROUBLE when I hit the scale on Sunday when I get home! lol BUT.... I haven't been eating much extra.... I just thought I'd treat myself!

Anyways.... today we are going to the shops in downtown. We might even go to the Tangers Outlet stores and possible Barefoot Landing. If not today, then tomorrow. However, tomorrow, we are going to get up REALLY EARLY to watch the sun rise over the ocean. I guess we better do that before the family gets here so that we aren't waking anyone up!! lol

Day 4 has been much calmer so far! I'm just hoping to keep it that way! But.... more on that tomorrow.....

Until next time........

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