Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beach Vacation....Day 4

Whew! I can't believe our first family beach vacation is 1/2 over! This is crazy!

So, what did we do on day 4? Well... day 4 did not go as planned, but it really did go well.

We got up early enough and started to get ready to go to downtown Myrtle Beach. On the way, my sis-in-law Debbie called. She said they were at the Tanger Outlets. It's a really cool place with outlet stores and walkways....covered walkways. That way key in our decision to going to Tanger Outlets yesterday. When Debbie called, the bottom had just fallen out and it was storming. There was no way we were going to go downtown Myrtle Beach to walk around in the storm. So, we decided to go to Tanger Outlets. It was great. We got a couple outfits for Chasity. We also got a couple of things for Tony's new great-niece, Lenna-Grace. She was born in April (I think) and we had not gotten her anything yet.

Because of the weather, we never actually made it to the beach or the pool yesterday. However, we made it to the ocean already today because we watched the sunrise! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We will probably go back to the ocean or to the pool with Debbie and her family today!

Right now, Chasity is asleep because we got up so early and she was tired! When she gets up, we might head to the water.... if not, we might head downtown. I have today, tomorrow, Saturday, and part of Sunday. So, we still have to play putt-putt (mini golf), go downtown, go on the pier, and get with Debbie and her family to give Lenna-Grace her stuff! :)

It's going to be a busy couple of days, but it's going to be fun!

Days 1-4 have been great.... Day 5 has started beautifully.....

Until next time........

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