Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nothing Much!

So...this week I have not had much going on.

Monday we went to the library. Chasity got some more books. She has already read for 6 hours this summer. She has 9 more to read before the beginning of August. Then she will earn more prizes from the library. I put her in the summer reading program.

Tuesday we did almost nothing. We went to visit my Grandma Edwards. But....we did that everyday (including today) since my mom still can't drive because of her knee surgery. She's out and about, but she's not able to bend her leg enough to drive just yet. So.... I get to cart her around for a little while longer. ("Leslie's Taxi Service"

Wednesday I had a meeting to start planning for Girl Scout Camp. It starts the day after we get in from the beach. Can you say TIRED??? Yes! I will be! BUT... I'm looking forward to it and I know that Chasity is going to have fun at Day Camp! She had fun at Dance Camp! lol :)

Thursday night we had practice for the VBS songs. I wanted the workers/volunteers to know the songs (at least a little bit anyways)! We were there for about 1-1/2 hours. Then we went with a couple ladies from the church to put out the banners on the side of the road. That was interesting.... 3 ladies, 2 HUGE banners, and 4 posts.... you really had to be there to understand! However, at one location, a lady yelled at us from her car and handed one of the other girls a couple dollars to support our VBS! That was cool!

Friday we did nothing (other than visit Grandma Edwards). We just hung out at home!

Today, I got up at 5:30 am (YES! on purpose!) so that mom and I could hit a couple yard sales. Mom got a good bit of cool stuff for the daycare! Then, I went to a crop and scrapbooked on Chasity's 2nd book for a little while. I finished Birth to 1 year old. Now, I'm working on 1 year to 2 years. Unfortunately, I can't find the pics from May-Aug 2005. I'm hoping that they are on my digital camera! As soon as I get my computer back, I am hoping to find those! AND... my computer should be home (with me!) this coming week. Wednesday Tony talked to the service center and they said it should be mailed in a "couple of days". (It hasn't been shipped.... I haven't been notified!) lol AFTER scrapbooking, I came home so that Tony could go to work. Yes, he's working on Saturday! It's ok! Talked to him about an hour ago and he's on the way home! :) Yipppeeee!!!

Tomorrow, we are going to church. Then I have to set up the fellowship hall for snacks for VBS. I have snacks and music this year. Unfortunately, our church is shrinking at the moment so we had to double up on jobs....too many people want to see things happen, but aren't willing to do the work for them! Then we have to go to the grocery store tomorrow too. Other than that, we don't have much to do.

Add to all that laundry and straightening the house....and I think we'll have plenty to do! lol

As for tonight, I'm gong to get Chasity ready for bed (she's been staying up later since school is out.... need to work on that schedule again)!!! Then I'm going to play on the internet.... or sleep! lol :)

Until next time........

2 Comments from my friends:

Joann said...

You are SOOOO LUCKY that your mom drives regularly, though.... mine doesn't drive AT ALL, I have to take her EVERYWHERE... I love her, but she really takes advantage sometimes. LOL!!!

Lynne said...

I hope you have a blessed week!