Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Time....

"Summertime.... and the living is are jumping....and the cotton is high..." Ok... so I don't know if the cotton is high (cause I live in the city). I don't fish, so I don't know if the fish are jumping! lol I just love that song... and I'm not sure why! Oh yeah! We used to play that in the Spring concert for band every year when I was in high school! The trumpets were awesome!

Who knows?! I could be going crazy! lol

Anyways.... I have spent the past two days hanging out with 4 little girls--Chasity and 3 of her friends. Since mom has been "avoiding" work (ok, so she's just not been able to go because of her knee), I have gone to the daycare and gotten 4 of Chasity's friends. They are sisters and I have know the family since the oldest one was small! Their mom helps me with Girl Scouts. The youngest of the three is only 2 days younger than Chasity. When they were younger, they all looked more alike, so they are called the "Randall Triplets". Now, they don't look so much alike though.

Anyways, today, we are going to be going outside to play in the sprinkler. I am hoping they will have fun.

Maybe I'll get some pics.....and when my computer comes back (who knows when that will be?!) I can hopefully get them up. If not, I'll at least get them for Chasity's scrapbook.

Until next time........

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