Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Frustrated

**Warning** The following is somewhat negative!! **Warning**

Ever just been frustrated? I am... I have many reasons why, but I just am! I have been in a slump for a couple days (well... working on weeks now) and it's getting old.

I'm just frustrated.

Every night I don't want to eat what is offered to me. I don't want to make the effore to get/make anything else. I just want to complain about it. I just like to complain right now.

My hair has gotten so long that I am having to keep it pulled up. Pulling my hair up causes migraines. So I am having headaches everyday from having my hair pulled up. Since I'm not working, I have to either ask for the money or wait until it is offered to me. Right now, I'm waiting on my Financial Aid money from school to get here.

I'm just frustrated.

I emailed my professor for my class this semester. I asked her what books we are using for the class. That was on Aug. 6th. On Aug. 7th, she emailed me with a list of books for the class. I sent a message today (or yesterday) to let her know I had them and to ask another question. Then she sent out an email to the entire class with a completely different list of books for the class. Did that tick me off? YES! Now, I have another $100 worth of books to buy so that I will have the right books for the class. I can't return the others because I bought them for a discount online! Now for ONE class (that's all I have), I will be spending almost $200 in books! That's just STUPID!

I'm just frustrated!

We still have stuff that we have to get for Chasity to go back to school. I spent a couple hours at her school today and I still don't know who Chasity's teacher is. I think the school should send home a letter about 1/2 way through the summer letting us know who our kid will have.

I'm just frustrated.

I called today to talk to DSS (Department of Social Services). I have friends who get assistance to pay for child care through them. Since I'm in school, I figured we could get help with before/after school care for Chasity. I talked to them today. They said, "Because you are working on your Master's degree, we can't help you. We figure that if you have a Bachelor's degree and can't get a job, then we can't do anything for you. We won't help pay for you to get more education." OMG! I think that is discrimination against me since I'm trying to get a higher degree!!!!! OMG!!!!

I'm so stinking frustrated.

Friday we get to go meet Chasity's teacher. Saturday I'm scrapbooking! Sunday is church. Monday my classes start! Tuesday Chasity goes back to school. I have to worry about getting my paperwork done to get the right school system for my Clinical/Observation hours. I have to worry about getting my paperwork done to get my internship in the Spring. I have to have all that in by the end of September! I don't even know where to start on that! I need a meeting to go over what I need for the Internship Meeting! I have to worry about getting Chasity to/from school when I am doing my Clinical/Observation hours. I also have to worry about how to pay for that care since my hours will be different than hers. Last year the school I went to worked with my hours. This year, I'll be somewhere different! That worries me because I don't have anyone to help me get Chasity to/from school!!!

I'm so very very frustrated.

I know that eventually everything will work itself out. It always does, but right now I'm frustrated and worried. It will all get better... I just have to believe that!

I'm so very stinking frustrated!

Until next time........

1 Comments from my friends:

Tinika said...

Girl, there must be something in the water because I feel the exact same way.

My dog urinated on the husband's shoes again a few minutes ago. Sigh. I guess he will have to go. I just can't decide if by 'he' I mean the husband, or the dog.

I hope your week gets better!