Monday, August 17, 2009

So much to say...

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn't know what to do first?

Well, some of my stuff has actual dates on it. Like this weekend, we had Chasity's birthday party. A couple friends from school came. My entire family came. And... some people from church (who are close to us and who don't even have kids came)! It was great! There were two kiddie pools.... lots of water stuff to play with. The party lasted almost 4 hours by the time we got the last kid out of the water!

Chasity was so adorable. She picked out a beautiful outfit to wear...before getting in the water. She got lots of really cool stuff (and more money than I currently have! lol)!!! Anyways... that's done and I can mark that off my calendar.

However, I have a PTO luncheon coming up that I'm helping to serve the teachers for "Back to School". That's Wednesday. Then I'm scrapbooking on Saturday. I've been invited to a jewelry party on Friday night.

Also, I start my classes again at UNCC. I must have been eager for classes to start this year or something because I thought my classes started today! Fortunately (or unfortunately....I'm not sure yet) my classes start NEXT Monday! Anyways, I have a whole week with Chasity before she goes to school. I'm excited about that!

Chasity's 6th birthday is tomorrow! WOW!!! My "baby" is 6!! She told me the other day...."Mom, I might be getting to be a big girl, but I'll still need my mommy!" lol I almost cried!

I still have to get my letters out for Girl Scouts to start. Our parent meeting is August 31st. I am still looking for a co-leader. And... I'm looking for more girls! We are going to have fun this year. However, the parents are going to have to be more supportive than they were last year. I can't stress over that stuff this year. I need to just tell them what I need and get it! I should not have to beg parents to bring their kids to stuff.... or show up for stuff. It will all work out. I think I am going to have someone come to the meeting and help me get that across to the parents this year.

We have a Girl Scout Pancake Breakfast coming up at Applebee's on September 12th! If you are local and would like tickets, just let me know..... the tix are only good for our local Applebee's! (Sorry!)

I also need to work on getting my office straightened up.... I need to be more organized this year. (My books and notebooks from last semester are still sitting on the floor by the desk! And they have fallen....and they can't get up! lol)

Anyways.... so much to do.... so little time. LOL

Until next time........

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