Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I can't believe how long it's been. I haven't written anything in awhile. Ok, so that's not completely true. I have written stuff for my eBay items. I have written stuff for homework. So.... I have written, but just not here.

In the past week, we have gone to an Intimidator's ballgame. We hung out with Donnie for his birthday! (For a couple more months, he's "officially" 4 years older than me!) We have worked on the house. Actually, *I* have been working on the house. I got our room almost finished. It was getting kind of messy. Chasity's room just needs new bed stuff.... then we can accessorize! I'll have to put pics of that up later.

I have signed a new Mary Kay team member, sold 4 things on eBay (many more still in the office to list), got my hair cut, and found out that my best friend in the entire world is getting married in TWO WEEKS! OMG! I screamed when I got the invite!

Ok, so let me tell you about her. Have you ever had one of those friends that you could go for months (sometimes years) without talking to....and then within about 30 minutes of being together, you're caught up and NOTHING has changed.

Ginger and I have been friends since I was in middle school. She's closer to my brother's age, but she and I got along REALLY well. She is a PK (preacher's kid) like me, but her dad actually had a church. She moved several times in the past. So there would be times, especially before I could drive, that we would go months without seeing or talking to each other. We really didn't think anything about it because we'd be back to "normal" within minutes of seeing each other!

The last time I saw here was at my sister's wedding! She came down for the day! It was AMAZING! Now, I just got my invite yesterday and Ginger is getting married! I can't believe it! I didn't even know she was dating anyone! HOLY COW! I screamed! I screamed really loudly! I called my mom! I called my sister! I screamed some more! OMG! Ginger is getting married!

So.... I guess it has been awhile since I have written here, but it has been even more of awhile since I have seen my best friend! BUT.... from the invite, she's going to be getting married at a church closer to where I live. So if that means she's going to be living there, I could TOTALLY get to see her more! (My favorite store to shop for clothes is in that city!!!)

Until next time........

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