Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I just spent the last hour-and-a-half trying to call Girl Scout parents. I have 12 girls this year (counting Chasity) and I only got to speak to 7 parents. I guess that really isn't bad. Ok....technically, I talked to 8. I told my hubby everything that I told all the other parents. So I only missed 4. Two have messages. The other two didn't have working phone I emailed!

I hope that they get the information and show up on Monday night for the meeting. We are going to have Game Night so the girls can get to know each other! I think that will be a great way for them to get to meet each other and not have to introduce themselves 500 times!

Anyways....all the Nut and Magazine money is due on Monday. I have 3 other parents that I'm hoping are selling stuff. If not, then Chasity will get all the goodies from the sale! She's sold close to $200 in nuts! That's without my order! Tony and I (and my mommy) will be ordering magazines. I think that will be all the magazines she's gonna sell. It's ok! Cookies are in January! We rock at those!

I'm planning meetings with people to get things done for Girl Scouts. I'm meeting with our Service Unit leader tomorrow to do some paperwork. Then Saturday, I'm meeting with my NEW co-leader! (Yipppeeeee!!! I needed one of those!) We are going to plan for Monday! Then we are going to work on plans for the year. We might have to do that in a few meetings though!

Anyways.... it's just good to have someone I know is going to help me!

Until next time........

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T said...

Glad you have some help!