Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Night

...we had our first Girl Scout meeting with the new girls that we recruited. My new co-leader is awesome! She basically took care of the girls while I had another parent meeting. I had to let all the new parents know how everything was going to work. (I hope it works!)

Anyways, the girls had Game Night. I took Chasity's board games, card games, puzzles, and stuff to the meeting. I gave the girls 5 rules to follow.

1. No cheating.
2. No screaming and yelling.
3. No goodying the other girls when they won.
4. No crying when they lost.
5. Have lots of fun!

They all abided by the rules! So...the Daisies earned their Blue (Honest and Fair) petal. The Brownies completed an activity for a Try-it. The parents will have to complete some of the other activities at home in order to earn the whole try-it! :)

I have a couple parents that are going to be on the Troop Committee. I also have another parent who has decided to step up as a co-leader. That's great because I needed one more! :) So....I have her now!

Over all, last night went much better than planned.

However...tonight, I get to go speak to another troop's parents about Safety and Parent Involvement! I haven't done this before, but.... tonight will be great also!

Until next time........

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