Friday, October 23, 2009

This Past Week...

...of my life has been the most stressful, sleep-deprived, teary-eyed week I have ever had. However, it was also the most blessed and miracle-filled. In my most recent post, I told about my dad having a car accident two weeks ago. This past Wednesday, we found out there was a little more to the story.

Dad felt up to going to church on Wednesday night. When he got home, he ate supper and watched "Georgia Rule" on TV. When the movie went off at 11pm, he got ready to get up and passed out in his chair....literally. His eyes rolled back in his head. He started sweating so much it looked like he had just gotten out of the swimming pool....fully dressed. He was unresponsive.

Mom called 911. Then she called me. I live literally around the corner. I had to wait on the firetruck to pass my house so I could pull out of the driveway. Then I had to wait for the EMT to turn so that I could turn on Mom's street. They pulled in front of the driveway. I pulled into the front yard. While they were getting all their stuff out to come in the house, I went inside.

Dad was responding, but he was shaken! He kept saying "That was something." "I'm wringing wet!" "Someone turn the fan on!" When the First Responders came inside, he would say "Boys, let me tell you, that was something!" "I don't want to do that again!" So after about 10 minutes, we finally convinced him to go to the hospital. He kept arguing that he just needed to rest.

I drove Mom to the ER. When we got there, they put IVs and all that stuff on Dad. They cut his shirt off. They started running tests. About 3am they told us that he had injured his spleen in car accident. Something had caused his injured spleen to begin bleeding. The reason Dad had passed out was because his blood pressure had dropped. In fact, it had dropped to 74/35. Because he was bleeding internally, his brain was not getting enough blood.

They went ahead and gave him two units of blood in the ER. However, that did not get his BP up enough. So around 4am they told us that they were going in to do emergency surgery on Dad to remove his spleen. So they did. The only sleep I got that day was from 4:30am (when Dad was rolled away from the family and into surgery) until 6am (when I left the hospital to come home so Chasity could go to school). I acted like I just didn't feel well. She didn't need to know any of it before she got to school that day. Tony took her to school. Then he came home and took me back to the hospital. (We told Chasity on Friday evening. She handled it really well, but I didn't need her to be stressed out at school about it!)

Dad was in Critical Care until Saturday. Finally yesterday, they let him come home! :) All he said he wanted was a "What-a-Salisbury" from What-A-Burger! lol He ate part of that, but mostly he was tired from the ride home. He's still got 6-8 weeks before he can think about going back to work. Really....does that matter? Seriously....all that matters is that Daddy is at home. He's going to have a full recovery! :)

This has been one seriously long week, but I don't know when I have ever felt so blessed.

Until next time........

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