Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sticky Situation

**Warning: This post is long...but I had to get it out!***

Ever had a situation where you just didn't know what to do?

I'm in a situation right now where I have no idea what to do.

There is something going on with Chasity at school. I don't know what it is, and I don't have any way of figuring it out. How do I know? Well, without going into much detail (because I don't want to "air" anything until it's all over), here's how I know. Last week, we had a situation with Chasity at school. Instead of calling us in the middle of the day (when they needed to and we could have taken care of it) the assistant teacher waited until AFTER school to call and leave a message on my HOME machine. In the message, she included that she knew that I was at my student teaching, but that we could call her. So when Tony got the message at 4pm, he started calling. Around 8pm, she called back to tell us that there were FOUR things that happened at school on Thursday and that Chasity was being taken to the Principal's office on Friday. She said that she was going to recommend that Chasity get In-School Suspension for Friday.

Knowing that Chasity does sometimes have bad days, Tony made arrangements to be at the meeting with the assistant teacher, Principal, and Chasity. It's a good thing too. The assistant teacher tried to blame things on Chasity that she had told us on the phone were not Chasity's fault. So Tony spoke up and finally got everything settled.

Everyday, Chasity has a "blue card" that comes home to tell about her behavior for the day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and even Thursday, she came home with stickers ABOVE the line. (That's a GOOD thing!) However, when Chasity came home on Friday, there was a note saying that she had not completed her morning work all week. AND...her sticker from above the line on Thursday had been taken off.

So, this weekend, Tony and I talked about it and decided that we were NOT going to sign her "blue card" to send back to school. So, I wrote a letter today and told the teacher that we needed to have a meeting. Instead, the teacher called me....I'm guessing she was hoping for another message. Unfortunately for her, she had to actually SPEAK to me.

Anyways, I contacted the Principal and told him that I really want to observe Chasity's class (without letting anyone in the class know--including the teacher). I know that other schools let you do this....a teacher friend of mine shared the idea with me. However, the Principal is refusing to let me do this.

So, I am in a position where I don't know what to do.

I can see this from both points-of-view. I can see it as a parent because Chasity is my child. I can also see it as a teacher. I'm trying to be the parent that I want to deal with as a teacher--calm, understanding, willing to work with me. Unfortunately, I am about to become the parent that NO teacher wants to deal with--hateful, accusatory, and down-right mean!

I'm just in a situation where I don't know what to do.

Until next time........

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Phyllis said...

I know it can be tough, especially because you know both sides of the coin. Sorry I can't offer any real advice, but maybe the teacher can clearly document the goals she is seeking for Chasity. It doesn't seem like she's using the same guide from day to day. Good luck.