Thursday, February 4, 2010


So in January (the 9th to be exact) I took the Praxis II for English Language Literature and Composition. No, unfortunately, the name is NOT longer than the actual test! lol

Anyways, I got back part of my results today. However, I am still waiting on the written test results to come back. I can hope that I get enough points in this second part so that I don't have to retake it! I HATE taking tests!

On a different note, I'm giving my students a quiz tomorrow. This one, is made up by my Cooperating Teacher (CT). However, I have one made up to give in a couple of weeks. It's nothing hard....5 questions....10 blanks...10 points. I have to keep all the grades too. OMG! I have to figure out a way to do that. I might need to check out the "Teacher Store" (I don't know the name) at the mall this weekend. I might need to get a different kind of book for keeping my grades.

Anyways... I'm having fun. I teach my first FULL LENGTH class tomorrow. If I live through it, I'll blog about it!

Until next time........

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Amanda said...

Just gettng to you know... all I can say so far is THANK YOU for teaching!! Its a tough job that takes a special soul and I appreicate you!