Monday, April 26, 2010

Scheduling Appointments and Visiting the Doctor

Earlier today, I had to call Chasity's doctor's office. There are 7-8 doctors in the one office, so I know they are busy. However, if I call and need to ask a question or schedule an appointment, someone should answer the phone...right?

Well...I pulled to the top of the hill at my driveway. While I checked for traffic, I dialed the doctor's number. I drove to Chasity's school. I asked for them to send Chasity to the office for check out. I waited on Chasity. I talked to Chasity's teacher. I put Chasity in the car. I drove to the doctor's office.

Did any see that I had spoken to the doctor's office? No? That's because I hadn't!

When I went in the office, I was STILL on hold. 20 minutes and 49 seconds to be exact. When it was my turn to talk to the nurse behind the counter, I hung up. I did however SHOW her my phone. I did NOT like the fact that I had been on hold for 20 minutes.

I told her that I needed to have my daughter seen for ear pain. She said.... "You could have called the appointment line." That's when I was polite enough to show her my phone and explain that I wouldn't be there if someone would have ANSWERED THE STUPID PHONE! (However, I didn't yell at her!)

She said there was an appointment 15 minutes later. So...we waited. The time went by quickly. So it wasn't too bad!

Then, when we got into the room, the wait wasn't long, but Chasity was starting to hurt more. So it seemed like longer!

The doctor said that there was wax built up in both ears, but that it would probably come out. However there is infection and puss in the right ear.

Chasity had tubes put in her ears a little more than 4 years ago! It was the Christmas that she was 2 years old. The tubes normally fall out within 2-3 years. However....only the one in Chasity's RIGHT ear has fallen out. (We are working on getting her into the ENT to have the other one taken out!)

Here's the bad news. When you have tubes in your ears, the infection should drain out. That's Great! When the tubes come out, if you have an infection, it should not drain. It should stay in there and cause pain. (It's horrible, but that's what happens.) Unfortunately, Chasity's right ear IS draining. There is no tube.

The doctor today said that it's one of two things...... 1. The hole where the tube was just hasn't closed up yet or 2. Her ear drum has ruptured. In either case, leaving it long will cause damage to her hearing. So.... now it's more pressing that we get her to the ENT! I called Tony and he said to get the appointment. So.... I have to work on that! :)

Just pray that the hole will close up properly on its on!

Until next time........

5 Comments from my friends:

bbcd mama said...

Did you turn your phone to her so she could see the minute counter? :)

Tinika said...

Bless her heart. Praying for her.

Phyllis said...

We are all too familiar with the tubes. Abby had her first set around 14 months. They fell out within about 1 year. Her second set came around 27 months. Those...didn't fall out. They were removed about 18-20 months later. Once they were removed, it took some extra time for the holes to heal over. I'll be praying for a quick resolution.

Amanda said...

Sorry for the drama!! At least you were proactive and making things happen in SPITE of everything!


trooppetrie said...

it breaks my heart when my kids are not feeling well