Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, Chasity and I went to a Girl Scout mock sleepover. Until recently, Daisy Girl Scouts were not allowed to have actual sleepovers. (Daisies are Kindergarten and 1st grade Girl Scouts.) So our Service Unit planned a mock sleepover. They called it the "Princess Jammie Jam"! There were games, balloons, dancing, food, and even tiaras! There were dress up clothes for the girls! Everything was PINK! :) We did the Electric Slide, Bunny Hop, and the Cha-Cha Slide. During the fun and games, I popped my right knee. It didn't start hurting or anything so I thought it was fine.

Saturday morning, I woke up to a swollen knee that I couldn't bend. Mom and I went to a few yard sales. We really weren't looking for anything specific, but we love just going to look. I got Chasity a set of 10 books (it's a series) for $2...YES! The SET for $2. I also got her an "I Spy" computer game and the "High School Musical 2" soundtrack. Each of those were $2 also. I got two tubs of cute crafty things (foam marshmallow sets to make foam S'mores) for Girl Scouts. Those were only $.50 each! I think I did really well!

Saturday night, we went to the Intimidators' game. Chasity walked around the bases with the Girl Scouts in the soaking wet, pouring rain, getting chilly, pre-game parade. Then at game time when the rain was still pouring, we decided to meet my parents at Golden Corral for supper!

Sunday was Tony's birthday. According to the people at Logan's he's only 18! lol Last night we went grocery shopping. Chasity wanted to get her daddy something, so we got him a small cheesecake from the WalMart deli. We got a "?" candle for him to blow out! Chasity was so excited! :)

Now, it's Monday and my knee is still swollen, but I have forced it to bend today. I guess we'll see tomorrow if that was a good thing or not. I had to pick Chasity up from school early because she has an ear infection and it was hurting really badly! She was crying when I picked her up! :( So....straight to the doctor we went. (I'll write a different post about the appointment scheduling fun that I had today!) We didn't have to wait long. Then in we went! It's only on the RIGHT side! :) Unfortunately, the tube in her right ear has fallen's good that it's out, but it's bad too. (I'll explain that in the appointment post!)

Now.... tonight we just have to get through her homework. Then she's getting a hair cut!

Until next time........

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