Friday, May 21, 2010


At 6pm tonight, I am going to a Creative Memories crop with a friend of mine. She is an awesome consultant. We have been hanging out for a while now!

I started Chasity's 1st book in October 2008. I finished it about a year later. It was HUGE! Plus... I had to learn how to do things! It covers from the 1st ultrasound photo to her 1st Birthday.

Now I'm working on her 2nd book. Somehow, I have misplaced several months of pictures. I know that I was still using my 35mm then. I know I had to have the film developed. However, I also know that I had friends/family there taking pics also.

Unfortunately, NONE of us can find pics from Chasity's 2nd birthday. I have no pictures of Chasity to put in her book from May 2005-August 2005.

Then, I have only a FEW pics of 2006. I know that SOME of the missing 2006 pics are on my digital camera memory card. I looked at them earlier today! Those start right around Christmas 2006. I do have her 3rd birthday pics.

Right now, though, it seems as though Chasity did not exist from May-August 2005. But...we know that's not true!

I'm stressing out about that a little bit because I can't believe I misplaced/lost 4-5 months of pictures! There is NO WAY I spent that long without taking pics! It's just NOT possible! lol

So... I'm still hoping that a friend or family member will come up with pics of Chasity's 2nd birthday. If not.... we'll just skip it until we CAN find them!

For tonight, I think I'm going to work on Christmas 2005. It will start book #3! :)

Until next time........

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