Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time Flies

My high school band director used to say "Time's fun when you're having flies!" I always thought that was funny. I don't know why! :)

Friday night, Tony found Chasity's pics from her 2nd birthday! She really DID have one! lol I was beginning to think I dreamed it!

Later that evening, I went to the Crop with my friend. I finished Chasity's second book. Next time, I get to start on her 3rd book. Right now, it's going to be very small. I can only find Christmas and her 4th birthday! I'll add more when I can find more! lol

I can't wait to start on her other books that I have to print pics for. I have LOTS of pics to put in them! :)

Saturday, our Girl Scout troop went to Plaster Creations! It's an awesome place where you can pick a plaster piece and paint it (check out that alliteration)!! You dry it with a hair dryer. They seal it. You take it home the same day! I have pics of the pieces for a different post!

Sunday we had an awesome move of God in the church service! Wow! I love it when God confirms that HE is going to handle the things that you have been stressing out over! Don't you just love that?

Monday and Tuesday, I spent working on the Girl Scout ceremony that is coming up tomorrow night!

I finished Chasity's dress. I WILL have pics! I can't believe I'm such a slacker about pics of that! :) She's wearing it for the ceremony tomorrow night!

Today, I spent time with my little sister! We went to the Girl Scout store! I got all the goodies for the girls for tomorrow night's ceremony!

I also shipped off all the things I've sold on eBay in the past week. I've EARNED $200 in a week from eBay! At what point do you have to report it as income? I know there's a certain level....right?

Anyways.... I'm excited about the ceremony tomorrow. I still have LOTS to do. I still have to find a good (and inexpensive) punch recipe!

Until next time........

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Lynne said...

Hi Leslie, Boy you were busy! Liked what you said about church - so true! Men plan their paths, but God orders their footsteps! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you through BFF and following you now. Also, please follow me back and join my community at BFF. Thanks!