Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Doors, Carpets, and Boxes

Yesterday, I packed up most of my dishes. For the week, we are eating college-style...paper plates and plastic forks/spoons! lol

I took all the boxes of dishes to the new place and unpacked them there. Now... I don't normally do that all in one day, but I needed the boxes back! Seems I didn't get enough boxes to pack in! :(

All we have left to do at the new house is paint 3-4 doors! We are painting them white. Washing didn't help them. The people before me left the place in a mess....a real pig-sty! So we were doing some painting anyway.... the doors need it!

Tony has to finish the trim work in the master bath! Yeah!!! It's finally ready to use....almost! lol

My dad is going to throw another coat of paint on the dining room.

Then.... we have to wait for the landlord to have the master bedroom closet built, the kitchen floor leveled, the a/c fixed in the master bedroom, bathroom, and sitting area/den, AND he has to have the carpets cleaned!

ALL of that MUST be completed by tomorrow night! We are going to move Chasity's stuff in on Thursday evening. That way, she will be able to keep herself occupied while we are moving everything else in on Friday night! :)

Ok... now.... I have to call the cable company, the phone company, and get the water put in our name! Ok.... I can get that done! :)

Until next time........

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