Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Didn't Turn Out As Planned

So we picked up the surprise guest on Thursday.

She was fine until 10:30pm last night. THAT is when she started crying wanting her mommy. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be her weekend at Daddy's house. So her mom was working her 2nd job. She was not going to be off work until 2am (today). I have known these people for 11 years, but I never once got Madison's dad's phone number. Oops.... might want to get that for next time! lol

Anyways....we convinced her that everything would be fine and we could call her mom today.

Of course, I was honestly hoping she would be fine and just agree to stay again tonight. HOWEVER.... we went to get something to eat around 6:30pm and she decided to remind us that she hasn't talked to her mom about going home.

Well, I have no voice! When I open my mouth, NOTHING comes out! Okay! AIR comes out, but no sound! (That's going to make for great singing at church tomorrow!)

So, I pulled up her mom's number in my phone. Dialed it. Waited for it to start ringing. Then I passed it to my hubby! (This is the same man who HATES talking on the phone!)

Here is the conversation I heard:

Tony: Hey (Madison's mom) it's Tony. Call us when you get this message.

Just a few minutes later, this is what I heard.

Tony: Hey. She says she wants to come home. Are you at home?

T: Well, we're at (name of restaurant) near the (grocery store). Okay I'll talk to you then.

Me: What did she say?

T: She's going to call (stepmom) to tell her where we are.

Me: What about all her stuff? It's at our house!

T: I don't know. I just told her what you said to tell her!

Phone rings:

T: She's coming here? Okay. When? Her stuff is at our house.

T: Bye


Me: What did she say?

T: (Stepmom) is on her way.

Me: Her stuff?

T: Oh! Pack it and they will get it later.

Me: Tonight?

T: I don't know.

WHY oh WHY do I lose my voice? lol It took 4 conversations with Madison's mom to find out that they are going to come by probably tomorrow afternoon to get her stuff. If not, they will come by on Monday!

The surprise left my baby heartbroken! :(

So....on the way home, we went by to see my parents--a surprise that NEVER disappoints!

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S.I.F. said...

I had a friend growing up who used to always get homesick like that too! What a bummer!