Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011

Today I spent the entire day from 10am-5pm in a meeting to plan the Spring portion of our Girl Scout service unit's year. The funny thing is that not much got planned. We came up with great ideas and decided to talk about most things again later! :)

I also got an email from one of my professors today that instead of 2 books, I have to have 3! She also said that she has set the online course up so that although we have the "pleasure" of setting up our own schedule, we need to schedule 3-4 times a week to log in and spend about 4 hours at a time on just her class! That's great, but I have another class!

I'm still waiting to hear back from the interview! Maybe it will be this week.

I found out this week that my dad is going to have his surgery (we knew it was coming because he has a HUGE hernia from his surgery in Oct 2009) on January 20th! He will be in the hospital for 2-3 (maybe 4 days) then he will be home! He also will have to be out of work until he can go back full force. He drives a truck and has to be able to change gears and lift and load! So the doc said about 6 weeks, but it could be more. All of it is covered under Worker's Comp since the first accident was at work, so that is probably the good part! Plus, Dad is strong, healthy, and heals quickly so he'll be READY to get out of the house! lol

I am so tired. I have church in the morning too! However, if I still have these little white sores in my throat, I can't go to church tomorrow!! I won't be able to be around my dad because he can't get sick right now! I'm hoping it is better soon!

Chasity is doing much better! She even went door-to-door at a few neighbors' houses tonight to sell cookies. Tony went with her since I'm TERRIFIED of dogs! lol She has a goal of 500 boxes. We aren't doing so well getting to that goal right now. However, it always looks bad right before it's time to place the order! Then she does FINE! We DO tend to sell more when the cookies get here! So that shouldn't be too hard!

I'm hoping that by this time tomorrow, there will be some snow on the ground! They are saying 3-5", but we usually either get NONE or LOTS! I don't want Chasity to have to go to school next Saturday, but I do want more snow!

For right now, I'm going to go downstairs and get something to drink----SPRITE (for those whose minds when haywire)!!! Then I'm going to go check on my sleeping angel and head to bed! Maybe I'll go to sleep before 1am! I haven't all week! :( I'm still having trouble sleeping! Maybe tonight will be the night!

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Basement Bags Girl said...

Hi...Sounds like you are staying busy. Hope you get a 'job call' soon. Glad Chasity is feeling better. I'd love a extra day to recover from our Saturday work-a-thon in the Basement, but don't really want to miss school & mess up the exam schedule. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog...I read but am slack about commenting. Be safe & stay warm if we get the 'snow event'.